Monday, August 30, 2010

East London - Visiting a Farm Today

So it has officially been month! I have only 23 more left, wow, time goes by quick here! So, lets see...what is new here?  The week has gone by pretty fast and I feel Like a missionary!  So here's a story: on saturday we went to a member's home out on a farm and had lunch and boy was it a crazy experiance! I attempted to ride a donkey, but it didn't last lond because he didn't like me on him. I have video of it but that would take forever to send via email so look for it when I send the memory card home (I have like 250 pictures left to take before that moment).....sorry for accidently sending that one before I Sent it....anyways!  So this person that lived on the farm,she is really nice but there were animals all over her house (cats and dogs) and I'm sure that the place hasn't been cleaned since who knows when.  I just felt gross when inside the house, sorry i'm not trying to bad talk, let's just say that my stomach was tested when we ate (hamburgers, and I didn't use the fork because it had old food still on it!) But besides all that, it was a fun trip and I was able to see a few cool animals (look at the pictures). 
So Elder Devenney and I moved into our new place tuesday, the location isn't as cool as the other place (no more monkeys :(  ) but at least we have our own beds and aren't sleeping on the floor!  It's in Cambridge and the property is being remodeled right now(our place was the first to get done) So we have everything new: New bathroom, fresh paint, clean tile floors...etc.  The only bad part is that something is wrong with the water heater and we only get one hot shower in the morning, so we take turns on who gets the cold one haha. (this morning I had cold) We talked to the guy in charge of the building and he said that it shouldn't be like that and that he will get it fixed real soon. He said that if we have any problems, for us to tell him and he'll check them out...real nice guy.  So that's our new flat, it's really small, but it works for us and has everything we need (except food, we need to shop today, I'm tired of eating corn flakes for breakfast and peanut butter and bread for lunch!) 
Speaking of food, man I'm fed well!  The Bishop here makes sure we are fed everynight!  He says we work better when we don't have to think about making food, such an awesome guy!  So everynight I go to a members home and get a hot meal...sometimes I feel wierd because I don't know if it's safe due to how they prepared it, but that's just me being a germaphobe!  Elder Devenney is a good cook and made me a good lunch the other day.
We are getting along really well, he's a good guy and I'll be sad when I have to say goodbye to him in a few weeks...but he served his two years and deserves to go home.  He's a really good teacher and is really helping me learn how to be a good missionary!
Well, I should go email President Probst now, he likes hearing from us every week.  I'm going to work on some letters today (family and chelsea) and hopefully get those sent off!
Love you all!
Elder Naylor!

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