Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Molweni Everyone!
This week has been pretty splendid for me, how about you? Please let me know anyways possible...letters, email, etc.
Not much has really happened during the week, everything is running pretty smooth, Wednesday we had a training session and that took up most
of the day, which was good because I learned more about teaching and being a better missionary.  I was able to see an Elder that was in my
MTC group and we had a nice reunion.  Another cool thing is that I saw something I thought I would never see: new missionaries!
So it's official, I'm not the youngest on mission anymore and that there are people younger than me...not by much but it made me feel good!
The work is is moving, maybe not as fast as I would want but I'm staying strong and trying to do my part...some people just need to realize that
when we make an appointment with you, we expect you to be there! haha it gets frustrating.
Here are some things about me that I've noticed in my life that has changed: I love peanut butter now...I'll even eat it plain right out of the jar, something
I never did back home. I eat bananas all the time now, almost every meal includes them, usually with peanut butter on them or with them. I'm beginning to shave
more frequently than I used to...still not much though haha, I love hymns now and sing them all the time, the egg thing that I talked about last week, I have a new habit
of flicking my pen around my it from Elder Devenney, got my first haircut not at a professional salon (I'm not going to say how it looks...good thing hair can
grow back) and I'm set on learning how to surf when I get off mission.  And that all has happened in three months!
Now, onto the subject of my email: on the right side.  Probably wondering what it means.  I'll tell you ok? Calm down, here it comes:  yesterday we had a very special guest
come to Cape Town, South Africa: Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the quorm of the twelve.  We had a special conference yesterday with the whole stake and he was present.  We made
sure we got there early so we could get good seats and we was such an amazing event! The Presiding Bishop came too, Bishop Burton and they both spoke to us, but not with
prewritten talks...they just bore their testimonies.  Elder Hollands lasted for about 40 minutes...I listened closely the whole time, tears almost coming but I held back. That man is powerful.
Don't worry, My journal received a four page entry about it so I'll never forget!
Now here's the cool part:  After the meeting, Elder Holland requested to meet with the missionaries at the with us!  We got our own privite, little devotional.  I left the sacrament room right
after the meeting so I could get to the room where he wanted to meet us so I could get a good seat.  I was able to get in the front row (it was a small room, enough for at least 50 people) but as the senior couple missionaries came in, we stood so they could have seats, I was worried I would loose my seat! But I only moved over one so all was well.  Then Elder Holland came in, he had to be breif with us so we quickly sang called to
serve and then we prayed..after he said he wanted Bishop Burton to offer a few words before he spoke.  Elder Holland sat down.  Next to me.  Here I am, sitting on the right side of an Apostle of the Lord, I
was going crazy!  I never thought something like that would happen to me!  After Bishop Burton spoke, Elder Holland got up and spoke some words, told us he would hunt us down if we went less active
after our mission and how much his mission ment to him...I wish that I could have recorded it or have a copy of the words but I guess my memory will have to do!  After he spoke, he sat down next to me again
for the closing we were praying next to each other! It was so amazing! I haven't felt the spirit as strong as I did yesterday in a long time!  After the meeting he personally shook each of our hands,
it was such a memorable experiance!
So that was my week, not much but so much!
I love you all, have a good week!
Elder Brian Naylor
P.S. Next week we are watching conference...yep still haven't seen it

Monday, October 18, 2010


Hello once again!
This week went by pretty quick, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.
I'm doing quite well, health is pretty good.
Ok, so the first part of the subject of this email: Books
Saturday we got the chance to do some service for a used book fair of some sort.
We arrived nice and early and help them set up tables and put out all the books...lots and lots of books!
They had all sorts of used books, from Cooking books to even Books in German!  I wanted to spend the whole day
there just looking at them all, but I had work to do.  We ended up going back there in the afternoon to help them take down
everything and it didn't seem like they sold that many...oh well.  We are going to help them again at the end of the month.
Hmmm, oh! Elder Holland is coming to South Africa next week to talk to the members here and I get to go to it!
I'm pretty stoked because there is a small, small chance that I will be able to meet him.
I'm pretty sure that I haven't told you guys yet, but I still haven't seen General Conference yet.
Due to the time difference, they usually broadcast it a week or so later so everyone can see all the sessions but
with Elder Holland coming and some other things, it got postponed until the end of the two more weeks.
I'm dying to see it because I keep hearing about it and it sounds like it was a good one!
Now to the second part of the Subject: Eggs and Sweet Chili.
That't my new three companions eat a lot of eggs, a lot.
My favorite way to prepare them is to just fry them up and throw some Sweet Chili sauce on them!
I'm not sure if they have sweet chili back home, if they do, try it, it's way good.
My companions and I are getting along really well and I am enjoying my time with them.
It's a little hard in the mornings with three elders using one bathroom, but we manage!
Well, I think that's all for now, hope everyone is doing just fantastic!
I love you all,
Elder Naylor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello everyone!
There goes another week in the mission feild...can you believe that this week is my 3rd week of my second transfer? Cra-ZAH-HEY!!!!
Things are going pretty well here, I'm still getting adjusted to the new overall is good.
I am really enjoying being in a threesome and I think I'll have a hard time getting adjusted when I have to go back to just having one. haha
This past week has been a challenging one in the eyes of missionary work, we keep having a lot of appointments dropping and it gets very frustrating!
No big events happened this week like odd eats or awesome adventures, but my faith has been put to test and I am gaining much strength in the Gospel.
This Gospel is True. I know it, I have no doubt. 
God speaks to us just as much as He did in times of old.  I know it, I have no doubt.
We have a living Prophet today, he leads and guides us in these Latter-Days. I know it, I have no doubt.
My Savior loves me, He suffered for me so that I may return to my Loving Heavenly Father. I know it, I have no doubt.
Joseph Smith Jr. was a Prophet of God, he was an instrument in His hands to Restore the fullness of this Gospel. I know it, I have no doubt.
The Book of Mormon is the word of God, I have drawn near to my Heavenly Father by reading it. I know it, I have no doubt.
I know that everytime I pray, my Father in Heaven is listening to me and helping me each day.
I know that these things are true and even though Trials come into my life, I know that My Heavenly Father will never forget me and that he is always there.
I ask all of you who don't know of these things to really ponder and pray about them all.
You will get an answer.  That's all I have to say this week.
Stay strong and put all your trust in Heavenly Father.
I love you all,
Elder Naylor

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello everyone!!!
I hope that all is well for you!  Man, this past week has been quite the crazy one!
As you know, my first companion, Elder Devenney, went home and that means that someone needed to replace him. Right? Kind of....
So Wednesday morning was the day where the Assistants to the president call everyone and let them know what is going on.  Everyone that morning kept calling me and saying stuff like "did you hear yet?" "oh ok, call me when you do.." EVERYONE it felt like knew the news of my next transfer but me! I hated it!
Finally, around 10 AM, the AP's finally called.  We talked for a minute to see how everyone is doing. (it was on speaker phone so E. Devenney could hear) Then they told me the news.  Blew. My. Mind. I was in complete shock.  I would have never guessed that would happen.....
Ready for the news?
Are you Sure?!!?
I'm no longer in East London...they whitewashed (where both comps leave and new ones come in) my area! I was in shock!
Want to know where I am?
Fine I guess I can tell you...
I'm now serving in Somerset West which is right out of Cape Town.....
Crazy huh? I only got to spend six weeks in my greenie area!
Now who may my companion be you ask?
More like who are my companions.....
I'm now serving in a threesome haha
I'm serving with Elder Davenport (5 months out) from Idaho
and Elder Maseko from Joburg.
Even's Elder Maseko's last transfer...I kill yet again!
So that's what's going on this week...nothing what I expected.
The area is great, the ward is pretty great so far...not as many Dinner apps like my last area, so guess I will have to start cooking my own food!
Yesterday, the missionaries were asked to teach Primary...that was a chaotic mess.  Oh boy, I have new respect for those who do that each week.  We sang songs together and played games and I talked about reverence with them because they would keep still!
Hmm, not much more I can say...the place is really beautiful and I am enjoying so far.  It's starting to get warmer each day but we still get the wind that blows in and makes it chilly.
I'm getting super along with my new companions and I can tell we will have loads of fun together....
I'm having many humbling experiances here as I see that there are people in the world that aren't as fortunate as me...seeing people live a way I never imagined.  I am very thankful for this experience and i know that it is making me grow more each day.  I love all of you back home and truly miss you...I pray for you all each day.
I hope that you keep heads up high and your spirits strong
With all my best,
Elder Naylor