Monday, April 30, 2012

Two birds on a wire. . . . .

Hello all.

I don't have much to report with this past week. Things have been just going well.

The highlight of the week would have to be Baxolele. He is just progressing so quickly. We taught him the Word of Wisdom this past week and he said that he didn't have a single problem with's rare to find a nonmember here that doesn't smoke or drink. AND he said that a few months ago he got this weird feeling that he needed to quite drinking coffee. This guy is just the definition of awesome. He's pretty exited to be getting baptized and so are we! 

In other news, Elder Davenport and I took a road trip out to a small town called Grahamstown. Lovely little place, I was almost jealous that I never got to serve there.  We went there for exchanges and had a great time with the Elders out there. Every thursday, they have a bible study class at the local university, Rhodes University and we were able to attend that and it was a great way to do finding. It was strange though to go to a bible study class on a wouldn't see that much in the states.  I grabbed some cool photos but sadly I don't have my card reader to attach them. Another time.

In other other news, I am well. This coming week is pretty much booked. We are really busy. We are going out to Port Alfred on Thursday for an exchange, another place I'm excited to see. 
I hope that everyone is well. I am grateful for those that email me each week, it's great to hear from you even though I don't respond much via letter or whatever means you expect a response. Please keep the emails coming! and send a letter or two!!!!

Have a great week!


NOTICE: This email message is for the s


Last week it was Elder Parry, Elder Davenport, Elder Brereton, and I.

Elder Parry is home.

This week it was Elder Davenport, Elder Brereton, and I.

Elder Brereton is getting transferred to Cape Town tomorrow.

Now it's just going to be Elder Davenport and I.

Then he goes home beginning of much change!

Things have been pretty good though this past week. Baxolele is now up at the top of the list as most powerful investigators of all time. he came to Church on Sunday and loved it...he was even answering questions in Elders quorum.  He's just a very chill, smart young man and I'm really grateful to be working with him.  
We have also been working with this other young kid named Tabo....his cousin was baptized in the beginning of the year and he wanted nothing to do with it but now he is coming to youth every week and even is coming to Church! Hopefully he'll keep going in his progression.

I had a cultural experience on Saturday. We went to a funeral of a member's father and it was a typical Xhosa funeral.  Lots of singing and at one point people even started to clap and stomp their guy even stood up and slapped his book.  Every time someone would get up to speak, they would all sing and when the person who was speaking would cry, they would also start to sing. I didn't know what to do...I didn't understand most of what they were saying (all in Xhosa) and I was probably the whitest kid in the room. It was a cool experience nonetheless, something I will always remember.

I hope that everyone has a great week! Send me some updates via paper or email! Come one come all!


Monday, April 16, 2012

 And after almost two years...........

Hello one and all!

Well this week has been quite the busy one on my side. Doesn't seem like I get much time to just sit and think anymore, but that is fine with me!  This weekend just previous was a wonderful one for me...I got to watch general conference! Oh how I love conference, I always seem to get the direction I need.  My favorite talk was probably from L. Tom Perry's or Jeffery R. Holland's, but they were all great so it is hard to pinpoint which one was my favorite.

On saturday night I had an amazing experience with one of our investigators Baxolele (if you pronounce that right then I'll give you a candy bar).  We had planned on going to see him and his sister and teach his sister about the restoration but upon arriving there we find that it is only Baxolele around. So Elder Parry and I are jumbling in our minds of what we should teach when Baxolele says something along the lines of this: So I understand that the Church was restored to the earth and such, but I've been wondering lately what is my purpose in life. Woah. For those of you who know your PMG, lesson 2 is the plan of salvation which covers the question "why I am here on Earth?" He was going right with the show and it surprised both of us.  So we teach him about where he came from and why he is here, he loved every minute of it. right when we were about to close the lesson, he asks another question "so when I die, my body goes to the ground but where does my spirit go?" BOOM.....this guys is like reading right from PMG and not even knowing it. This may seem to some as not as cool, but I found it amazing and was pretty much knocked off my feet. This guy is powerful! It was an amazing experience for me.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Elder Parry heads back to Whales on Wednesday. I'm really going to miss him. He's been probably my favorite companion on mission. We get along so well it's almost scary.  Our thoughts are too alike. Strange how two people from two different parts of the world can befriend each other in the way we have. Cool beans, it's been great serving with him. 

Well, things are great this side. This Church is true and living. I'm grateful to be a part of it and doing this work. I have been reading the scriptures more often than I usually do this past week and it has really given me quite the spiritual boost compared to most weeks. I love the scriptures!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

I was a Duke this Halloween, this year gonna be James Dean.......just wish I knew who I was in between!


That's a word that a recent convert says in our area and Elder Parry and I have now incorporated it into our language. We laugh every time she says it. I think I have laughed more in the past week than I have in quite some time. Things are going really well this side. I am enjoying mission. The only downside is that Elder Parry is going home in almost a week and I'm not ready for such things, but I will survive. I WILL SURVIVE...Oh no no no. Just walk out the door.

Alrighty. This week has been a busy and great week.  We have a pretty good teaching pool here and we are moving the work along at an incredible speed.  In the past four months, this ward has had about 6 baptisms and more on the's awesome.  The ward relationship with the missionaries is the best I've seen my entire mission. They really help us out and keep the work going.  I've only been here just under town weeks and I feel pretty comfortable with the members.  Our ward mission leader is just top notch. He has been in the Church for about four years and he takes his calling really serious...he gets things done.  Awesome possum.

We had a baptism here on was really wonderful. It was a mother and daughter, the daughter is in her 20s and the mom is a mom's age.  They have been investigating the Church since about January and just love everything about the Church. At the baptismal service, they bore powerful testimonies. It is so incredible to see people have the Gospel touch them in those ways.  Makes me so grateful for the testimony that I have and helps me to keep it nurtured.  Yesterday when we went over to the house to visit them, Afikile, the daughter told us that she "met Mr. Holy Ghost." and that "He's so wonderful! It was like a movie when I was confirmed...He came and was like 'Hey, I'm the Holy Ghost, nice to meet you.' and I was like 'It's nice to meet you too!'" She's awesome.  It is alos amazing to hear recent members talk about the change they feel from when they didn't have the gift of the holy ghost to when they receive it.  I would suggest that all you reading this, if you have the Gift of the Holy Ghost, do your best to keep Him Around. Read 3 Nephi 18 and 2 Nephi 32 to see how you can keep him close to you.  I love the Spirit! And if you haven't receive the gift of the Holy 2 Nephi 31 to figure out what you need to do to get this wonderful gift!

Missionary work is so great! It's the only time I think that I will be able to truly be in the world but not of it.  You are constantly thinking about the Gospel and how to improve your life in order to help others come closer to Christ.  

Well, I think that this is sufficient for this week. hope that everyone has a great week. You are in my prayers.

Love ya all! 


Monday, April 2, 2012

London - East London SA

I always had a desire to serve in the great city of London.

But instead I'm in East London. In South Africa and I'm just fine with that!!!!

I am no longer in Mthatha, I had to say good bye to that wonderful little place on Wednesday and I headed down to East London.

I am very close to my old area, East London 3rd....I am now in East London 2nd ward.  The crazy part is that I am actually living in my old area at the boarding that I slept in for the first couple weeks of my mission!  It's cool to be back at that boarding, with the monkeys and all.  
My companion is Elder Parry. Yes, that same Elder Parry that I served with in Mowbray....we are companions again! Yay! We really enjoyed our time together the first time and it is strange that I am serving with him again because this is the second companion I have served with twice (the other being Elder Davenport, which bytheway, is in my district here.) I'll only be with Elder Parry for about three weeks because he has to go home early due to his visa running out, so halfway through this transfer I'll get another new companion.....probably my last. We'll see though.

Things are great here...I'm back by the ocean, back by some great missionaries and I'm in a great ward with lots and lots of work! Things are really great. Oh...and I'm a Zone Leader. Coooooollllll BEANage. 

Leaving Mthatha was strange....I really liked that area but I was ready to go back to a city where there was lots of missionaries. Mthatha was a great area where I had some good success (one being Grace!). I'm excited to be out here in East London though....though it will be tough learning the area before Elder Parry leaves me in a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for all the support you guys give me.

I love you all!