Monday, April 16, 2012

 And after almost two years...........

Hello one and all!

Well this week has been quite the busy one on my side. Doesn't seem like I get much time to just sit and think anymore, but that is fine with me!  This weekend just previous was a wonderful one for me...I got to watch general conference! Oh how I love conference, I always seem to get the direction I need.  My favorite talk was probably from L. Tom Perry's or Jeffery R. Holland's, but they were all great so it is hard to pinpoint which one was my favorite.

On saturday night I had an amazing experience with one of our investigators Baxolele (if you pronounce that right then I'll give you a candy bar).  We had planned on going to see him and his sister and teach his sister about the restoration but upon arriving there we find that it is only Baxolele around. So Elder Parry and I are jumbling in our minds of what we should teach when Baxolele says something along the lines of this: So I understand that the Church was restored to the earth and such, but I've been wondering lately what is my purpose in life. Woah. For those of you who know your PMG, lesson 2 is the plan of salvation which covers the question "why I am here on Earth?" He was going right with the show and it surprised both of us.  So we teach him about where he came from and why he is here, he loved every minute of it. right when we were about to close the lesson, he asks another question "so when I die, my body goes to the ground but where does my spirit go?" BOOM.....this guys is like reading right from PMG and not even knowing it. This may seem to some as not as cool, but I found it amazing and was pretty much knocked off my feet. This guy is powerful! It was an amazing experience for me.

Other than that, things have been pretty normal. Elder Parry heads back to Whales on Wednesday. I'm really going to miss him. He's been probably my favorite companion on mission. We get along so well it's almost scary.  Our thoughts are too alike. Strange how two people from two different parts of the world can befriend each other in the way we have. Cool beans, it's been great serving with him. 

Well, things are great this side. This Church is true and living. I'm grateful to be a part of it and doing this work. I have been reading the scriptures more often than I usually do this past week and it has really given me quite the spiritual boost compared to most weeks. I love the scriptures!

Have an amazing week everyone!


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