Friday, February 25, 2011

Week Of Success!!!

Woah, what is up world??? Did you all have a good week? I hope so!
Because I did!!!!
With the last couple months of my mission having it's struggles, I am starting to see the blessings come in!!!!
We had much success this week, found some good people that want to hear the Gospel, and we hope that they will continue to progress and accept the gospel!!!
We aren't sure what brought on this success, but it is coming.  Last week we had more people let us into their home and teach then any other week of the transfer thus far, it is amazing!!! We are still struggling and having the rejections, but at least we have some people to work with and get progressing.
We had a wonderful lesson last night with a guy named Dial, nice guy and has a nice family. They understood everything we taught and at the end we asked him how he felt and he said that lately he has been praying for guidance of what God wants from him...few days later, we show up.  BAM.  He gave the closing prayer at the end of the lesson and prayed full thanks to Heavenly Father for sending us to was quite touching.  Hopefully he'll stay in this attitude and progress further.
I bet y'all are wondering about how my birthday went...well, too be honest, not the best birthdays ever, but it's fine.  All appointments fell through and nobody let us into their's cool though, the rest of the week made up for it!!! The only thing I received in the mail this week was mom's package (On friday)...thanks everyone!!!! and I'll keep looking out for the rest of the stuff everyone says is coming.  I guess I get my birthday wishes all through February!!!
I thank you all for your support that you guys give me, they don't go unnoiticed!!!
If any of you can, pass on word that I want more letters from if you see a friend of mine (facebook or real life) say "Hey there! Send Elder Naylor a note!!! He just can't get enough of them, he's fanatic about 'em!" I love you all, you're the best!!!
Elder Naylor

Monday, February 14, 2011

Remember Your Love For Brian Naylor Day!

Isn't this just great? Not only is this week Valentines Day, but on Tuesday it is "Remember your love for Brian Naylor day!"
Aren't you all excited? I truly am, I like that birthdays are a personal holiday for everyone!!!

I honestly don't have much to report on this week,  we haven't had too many experiance happen to us.
WE have spent the week doing a lot, I mean A LOT, of finding.  Street contacting and Tracking...we've done it all almost all day everyday,
hopefully we can start seeing the fruit come from this soon!
I have been doing quite well, I'm all adjusted into Bellville, except for finding my way around, but I'm studying the map! If only I had a Garmin!!
It has been somewhat cooler lately and in the morning I wake up with my toes cold, so that is a good sign, I sleep right next to a window that I leave open all night so the cool summer breeze (remember what that is?) comes in and comferts me as I sleep.  It is quite wonderful. 
I want to thank you all right now for the Birthday wishes I should be getting in the post this week....hopefully!  Nothing yet except a card from Grandpa, thanks grandpa!!!
I'm going to apologize right now, I was a bad person this week and I didn't take any photos...been too busy knocking doors and spreading the Gospel to take any, I hope that you guys can understand..l'll take more this week, promise!
What else?  Well there really isn't much that has changed since last week, plus I'm running out of time ....four minutes before the people kick me off the computer! 
I love you all, and never forget the importance of what I am doing: The Lord's Work.  It is the most important thing in the world and everything else comes second to it.  Never forget that.  If you follow the council of modern prophets and even the scriptures, everything else will fall into place.  Stay focused with what you do, everything that you do will be accounted for one day.  Don't be LAZY!!!!
I love you all so so so much!!!

Elder Naylor

Monday, February 7, 2011

Coco Puffs!!!!

Well family and friends, it happened....I'm officially not in Somerset west anymore.
I got movied...where to you ask, well I guess that I can be nice and tell you.
Ready? Set? Bellville!!!!!  Yees, I moved to a place called Bellville.  Right outside of Cape Town. So not too far.
It's a good area, not by the beach anymore though so that makes me quite sad...I can handle it though.
Some other news is that I'm senior companion now.  My new companion is named Elder Nielsen and he is from Washington State,  He's a great guy, been out just about five months so not that much younger than me on mission.  This area has a lot of work to be done, we have been tracking almost none stop for the past week.  Hopefully someone is bound to listen.  The ward here is wonderful and I'm excited to work with them more.  The place that I stay now is smaller than my last boarding...a lot smaller!  But it still provides me with a bed and a bathroom and a desk...all I need :)  I sleep now on the top bunk of a bunkbed...haven't done that in a few years!!!!! It's funny because right outside my window is a Jehovah Witness's Kindom Hall...fabulous sight to behold. 
Though I am completely lost with this new area and don't know much with what is going on, I feel that I will learn to love it.  I get to look at table mountain each day so that's a plus right?
For the rest of me, I'm going well.  Mission is just going by too quick!!! Days just go by in a blur and I always wonder: "Where did that day go?"  But that's ok, because that must mean that I'm having fun and working hard right?!
I'm having a reality check with the fact that I'm turning 20 next it really time already? What happened to me being a teenager? Not anymore!!!!  I swear just yesterday I was setting the table for my 19th birthday, what's going on?  haha.   I've been feeling like too much of an adult lately, so a few weeks ago I decided to change my cereal from oats and yogurt to something a little more childish....Coco Puffs!!! Except their mascot is a monkey not a bird.  So every morning I have my kids cereal...sometimes put some chocolate powder in just to make it more chocolatey and sit back and read the back of the box, just like good ol' days!!!!  I feel that I'm still a kid at heart. (my companions think so too when they notice that on my desk I have a nice collection of toys that I regularly play with haha!!!)
Well, besides that news, not much is going on in the life of Elder Naylor.  I miss ya all so much but I have work to do!!!! I hope that you all are doing well and having a fun winter, here it has been so hot that I'm not that chill anymore...(get it? eh? eh?) haha, anyways, yes it has been very hot. around 34-35 celcius each day!!! wowzah!!!
Have a good week, love ya all!!!!! 
Elder Naylor
(the picture is of me and elder simpson, no pictures of Elder Nielsen and I yet...Sorry!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tire on Fire!!!

Hello family and friends....

Did you have a glorious week?  I hope that you did, how is the cold?  I'll soak up some rays for you and send them your way!!! It has been quite hot here...I'll be coming home way tan...on my arms and half my neck haha.

This week went by in a blur, but that's ok because I enjoyed it.  One story that I would like to share with you is what happened on Saturday:  We had some time between appointments and saw a pillar of smoke in the air.  Now this sight isn't uncommon, people light fields on fire all the time for fun...I don't understand why...they just do.  So we deceided to go check it out.  We arrive there and surely, a field was on fire. Around the fire were about 30 kids, using blankets and branches to try and keep the fire from spreading...surprisingly they were doing quite a good job...good teamwork!!!  Finally, all was out but a tire that was burning quite fiercely.  Kids started trying to put it out, but they had no luck....this is where we come in.  We get out of the car and find a piece of carpet and with teamwork, throw it on the buring tire.  As soon as the carpet covered it, the fire started to go out and all the kids came running up and started beating the tire.  We got it out.  Everyone cheered in Afrikans...I didn't understand but it was a joyice celebration!  We did our deed, on we went to our next appointment.

Another cool story that happened was the Corneille passed the Sacrament for the first time!  He was way nervous but did awesome, it made me so happy to see someone I helped come into the gospel pass the sacrament....what joy it was!

Transfers is this week, I'm for sure leaving Somerset west, where to, I don't know...I don't care though because I'll serve where ever I'm put!!! I also celbrated my sixth month mark by going and eating stake and prawns...yummy!!!!!

Have a great week and keep your spirits high!!! I love you all!!!!

Elder Naylor