Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazing Grace!!

Well, family and I am yet again writing to you.

How was everyone's week?  By the emails that I received, it sounds like everything went wonderful and that everything is still on the right track.  Stay on that track.  great.

Well this past week had been a pretty good for me...last week of the transfers, keep the work going!!!

Yesterday....Sunday, I am pleased to announce the baptism of Micheal and Melissa Botha.  And it was I that performed the was such a wonderful experience!!! I was a little bit nervous but all went well.  The Lord really prepared them and i am so glad that I was able to be a part of their acceptance of the Gospel!!!  I baptized Melissa first and then Micheal and I were getting out of the water, he looks at me and says "uh, thanks." It's amazing to see people accept this gospel and decide for themselves that this is what they need to do in their life!  They will make really strong members and will keep the kingdom strong.

So that was my highlight for the week.  Not much else has really happened.

I am really enjoying mission and all that it brings me.  Serving out here in South Africa is changing my views and who I am.  I can't believe that this week I will pass the nine month mark!  Nine months already?  Gone by to fast.  I only have 15 more months and then it's over, done with.  So I'm working my hardest to live this experience up!  I'm trying to record all my thoughts in my journal (Going to pass the 500 page mark this week....incredible eh?)

So family and friends, know that I know all of this stuff I'm teaching and sharing is true.  I know it, I don't just believe it.  I am so thankful for my Savior and that he was able to conquer death so that I might live beyond this life!  He gives purpose to my life!!!

Amazing Grace!  I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

I love you all, have a wonderful week.  Happy Easter.

Elder Naylor


Hello one and all, how are you all this week!!!??? Lekker?
Well, for me this week was a weird one...I got sick.
I got some bug in me on Tuesday night and had the flu for about three wasn't fun I tell ya!!!

Luckly on Friday I got post...a package for Easter and a letter from Chelly!!! Yay for letters!!!!
So with that, I don't have much to report on.
Melissa and Micheal got interviewed for baptism and they both passed and this coming sunday they will enter the waters...I'm stoked!!
And they are going to have me do the Baptism...scary but pretty cool...I'm stoked!!! Hopefully everything goes well and wonderful, I'll let you know.
ONe thing that I did this weeked was watch conference, boy it was one of my favorite so far!!!  I have never taken so much out of conference than I did with this one!  My favorite part was the priesthood session, had some of my favorite talks in it....and Pres. Eyring got a little humours there at the beginning of his talk, made me laugh so hard.  ONe talk that I just loved was that of Richard G. Scott,  I always love his talks but for some reason, this one was really great...he really loved his wife and you can see it in his face.
I'm doing much better now and feeling about 98% so that's good...I hope that everyone had a fabulous week and hope that this week will be better.  Next week for me is transfers and that means change...I don't think I'm moving though so We'll see but you won't know for another two weeks haha.
I hope that you know I love you guys!!!!!

Elder naylor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss you all but send CANDY

Hello all!!! Monday again?!  I miss you all, I do I do!
This week has been a great week. Not because amazing things happened but just because I was serving the Lord!!!!
I have yet to see general conference but I hear it was great from a few people :)
I'll see it this weekend for sure though.
I've met some great people this past week, a young couple with a baby on the way that are having us for dinner tomorrow, just some great young people that hopefully will accept the Gospel!!

We are going to have a baptism in a couple weeks for Melissa and Micheal Botha, they are progressing really well!!! I might be baptizing them, we'll see though!
They had us over dinner last night, just a wonderful family...and gospel just makes them so much better!!!
Another update is on Reon, he's doing great, progressing pretty well.  He came to church yesterday and highly enjoyed it.  We're just working with some great people lately!!!
I'm doing awesome, got a lovely package this past friday with some goodies in them that are quickly being consumed...thanks Clovis and Kinley!!! Candy is a great thing to receive in a box....just saying. :)
I'm learning a lot out here, almost nine months already?  This time is passing too quickly.
My heart is with you all...have a great week!!!

Elder Naylor.
P.S. I'm doing bad on pictures this week and last....sorry :(

Monday, April 4, 2011


Had a dream last night...I got home and Clifford was a mess...had so much junk downloaded onto it and it was in bad condition.  Yes, I worry about a lot of important things while out here on mission.
My week has been good.  We had some great success at church this past Sunday (So yesterday)
We had a total of seven investigators there.  Incredible, a record for Bellville in a while!!!
Some other things that have happened to me is that we have been having some great appointments with all of our "Golden investigators"
Reon, remember him? Well he's back now and we are teaching him again.  While he was in Joburg he forgot his Book of Mormon in Cape Town so he went to the temple and bought himself one!!!  Talk about determination.  He's a great guy, just love working with him.
We also are working with the Botha's...they are progressing really quick, yesteray they finally cmae to church for all three meetings.  President and Sister Probst are going to come with us tomorrow to visit them...I'm a little nervous but I'm sure that everything will go well.
I don't have any real cool stories this week, sorry.  Nothing big has happened lately.  It is getting colder each day here, winter is just around the corner!!!  I'll have to find a jacket to wear soon....but we still get some sunny days!!!
Sorry that this email is short, I just don't have much to report on this week.  I'm doing just wonderful...sometimes mission gets rough with the whole doing the same thing everyday but it is so worth it when you have those great lessons or find those prepared people!!!
I'm so happy to have the knowledge that I do have and I am thankful for this gospel!!!!
I keep all of you in my prayers and I think of you guys often...keep well and enjoy life!!

Love you!!!

ELDER Naylor

....another week.

well, here I am once again. Another week down and many to go.  Well not as many as last week...hmmm.
This past week has been a good one, we were able to have a baptism yesterday, a recent convert's two kids got was eight and the other was ten.  They were super excited and thankfully everything went well.  It made me happy to see those kids so eager to be baptized...great family and I love working with them. 
Another thing that happened this week was Zone conference...we mainly talked about how we need not to compare ourselves to others and how we must try our hardest and keep our spirits was something that I really needed to hear!  We watched a cheesy, yet wonderful video called "You are Special"....I liked it a lot even though it was a little wierd...look it up on youtube if you get the chance.
At Zone conference I ran into a familiar face...a certain missionary with the name Elder Bangerter. Thought I might go my whole mission without seeing him! (this is a big mission...that could happen).  Anyways, it was really good seeing a face from home.  He's on his way to Namibia so who knows when the next time that I will see him!!!
For the most part, the wek went big complaints really.  Tomorrow I turn eight months on mission...can you believe it?!?!  It has gone too quick.  But I have enjoyed the learning experiance.
Sorry if this is short, but there isn't much to report on....I'm having a great time and I keep you all in my prayers!!!!

I love you guys so much!!!

Elder Naylor