Monday, April 4, 2011

....another week.

well, here I am once again. Another week down and many to go.  Well not as many as last week...hmmm.
This past week has been a good one, we were able to have a baptism yesterday, a recent convert's two kids got was eight and the other was ten.  They were super excited and thankfully everything went well.  It made me happy to see those kids so eager to be baptized...great family and I love working with them. 
Another thing that happened this week was Zone conference...we mainly talked about how we need not to compare ourselves to others and how we must try our hardest and keep our spirits was something that I really needed to hear!  We watched a cheesy, yet wonderful video called "You are Special"....I liked it a lot even though it was a little wierd...look it up on youtube if you get the chance.
At Zone conference I ran into a familiar face...a certain missionary with the name Elder Bangerter. Thought I might go my whole mission without seeing him! (this is a big mission...that could happen).  Anyways, it was really good seeing a face from home.  He's on his way to Namibia so who knows when the next time that I will see him!!!
For the most part, the wek went big complaints really.  Tomorrow I turn eight months on mission...can you believe it?!?!  It has gone too quick.  But I have enjoyed the learning experiance.
Sorry if this is short, but there isn't much to report on....I'm having a great time and I keep you all in my prayers!!!!

I love you guys so much!!!

Elder Naylor 

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