Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello family and friends,
this week is going to be short because I don't have much to report on being that I spoke to you all just a few days ago!!!!!
IT was really great to hear from you all, made my week!
Things have been well here, we didn't do much for christmas, had a member make us a huge feast in which we took to the chapel and ate till we couldn't eat no more.
It was a nice chirstmas and all, but I'm excited for the next one!!!
The week has been pretty slow due to everyone being out in the villages for the holidays.
Besides that, I don't have much to say.  Sorry.
This work is true and I love to be a part of it!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cause I'm in Mthatha!

Well this week has been interesting.
Had the Zone leaders come up wednesday night for exchanges and was with them till friday afternoon. One of the zone leaders is a guy from my transfer, it was cool to exchange with him. I like the guys in my transfer group.
This week has been a weird one because I wasn't feeling that well. It didn't effect the work too much, I tried my best to keep going. I'm glad to report though that I'm almost better...just have the sniffles now.
We had some great lessons with some great people this week. One of them is Grace.  She is from Zimbabwe and is here as a maid for a family.  We tracted into her a few weeks ago and each lesson gets better and better. We saw her on thursday and followed up on what she had read from the Book of Mormon because we had introduced it to her the week before. She said she was to 1 Nephi 10! Wow. She had some powerful insights from it and we answered all her questions. Powerful lesson. She came to Church yesterday, we had to walk with her because she didn't know how to get there. She really enjoyed it and I have some great hopes for her. 
I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday season, just remember not to forget the true meaning of Christmas.  It is the day set apart from the rest of the year where we celebrate the birth of the Savior.  Jesus Christ came to the earth not in a majestic glory but as a small child in a manger.  Luke 2 and 3 nephi 1 are wonderful examples of the birth of Jesus Christ...also mosiah 3. Go read them.
I love you all and know that this Church is the Savior's ONLY true and living Church on the earth and I'm blessed to be a part of it.
Merry Christmas, I miss you all!

PS the pictures are from last week...forgot to downsize the photos from this week. but enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear People of America. (and other lands, but mostly america)

This past week for me has been real interesting. I have enjoyed it quite a bit I'd say.  Started the week with going to East London for a Zone Conference/Christmas Activity and that was really fun. We stayed there from monday evening till wednesday morning. It was cool to go on a little vacation for a few days.  Don't do that too often out here on mission.  The Christmas activity was really fun, you could tell that a lot of planning went into it.  We had a gift exchange, I got root beer and chocolate (already consumed), and we watched a movie called 17 Miracles....very good, look it up and watch it.  We also got fed TWICE. Once for lunch and then for dinner.  I sure enjoyed seeing other elders and the spirit that was felt with all of us gathered.  I love mission so much!

Then on friday we had a Branch Christmas activity.  Guess who organized and hosted the whole thing? Me.  I had no idea what I was doing but everyone seemed to have loads of fun and that is what counts.  We played lots of games and danced and sang and fun.  There seems to be a lot of responsibility placed on the shoulders of the Missionaries out here, but I'm learning a lot. I enjoy it.

Can you believe that 2011 is almost over?!?! It's crazy.  Most of our baptism dates are for February....that seems crazy!  We are teaching a lot of great people right now and the work seems to be going great here in this small part of the world.  We had an investigator surprise us by showing up to Church yesterday, didn't plan for her to come and then during sacrament, I looked over at her to see her reading from the Book of Mormon. Brought a wee little smile to my face :)

I'm glad also to report that almost all is well again in Mthatha...we have hot water again, though that was a pain. The guys were fixing it and made water come out of the geyser and it went all over our ceiling(they put the geysers in the attic here) and cause some damage and then they put a hole in the ceiling with the wrench! Oh well, at least we have hot showers now.  I am still somewhat suffering from fleas. I'm the only one that has them in the district, guess I taste the best.  I'm not too worried, they don't seem to be bugging me as bad as at first.  I'll keep fighting them though.

Last night I ate so much food!  We stopped by a members home to say hello and they gave us a plate of food to eat then when we went to our last appointment, they gave us more food but wouldn't let us stop until they said so...I was being force fed! It's funny to think back on it but at one point I got up and rushed outside thinking I was going to lose it all because my body couldn't handle more food! Luckily I held it down, but today I feel really gross and weird because my body is still figuring out what happened.  I'm okay with getting food but when I'm full, I'm full!!!!

I hope that everyone has a great week and that things are well. Whether I hear from you or not....I pray for you all.

Live long and Prosper \\//

The computer won't let my load up next week!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Boy oh Boy...Mthatha

Woah. This week has been nuts!

Truly this mission is a once in a life time opportunity.  Things have happened this week that has sent me on a roller coaster ride!

Let me explain:

Mthatha is crazy and I'm loving it.  It is nowhere near as established as most places I have been to, pot holes, crazy people, lot of townships.  It's a good area though and we have been keeping really busy.  Like saturday.  From after studies until nine at night we were consumed with doing things...we only had 20 minutes for lunch and then we had to get back to the area to see a bunch a people. Never in my whole mission have I been this busy. I love it.

Another thing.  You guys don't hear about this in the states but did you know that humans can get fleas? haha, yep that's true.  It happens in dusty, unclean areas (like Mthatha) and guess what? Those little buggers sure like me! I have bites all over my body. I washed everything I own and have been constantly cleaning since my first bite.  I don't think it is from the house we live in but I get them from the homes of people we visit. Luckily for my district, I'm the only one that has them right now.  They are just like mosquito bites, not really that bad.  I'm fighting them though!!! Trust me though...I'm clean and sanitary. I'm not turning into a slob here!

Another thing that happened this past week.  We ran out of water. Yeah, surprised me too. Didn't think that was possible. It wasn't for too long, just a day. I think it was the first day my whole mission where I didn't shower.  The water was back on by the next morning, but get this....our geyser broke (for you americans, a geyser is a water heater). So for the past few days, it's been the coldest showers ever! Oh boy, this place is great!

Another thing. The same day that the water went out, so did our electricity. That wasn't too bad though, it was back on by the time we got back to the house that night.

Another thing. It has been raining a lot here and the township we go to, Waterfall, is all dirt roads and a whole lot of puddles! BIG ONES! So our car was covered top to bottom with couldn't even tell it was white anymore! We woke up this morning and gave a good wash down (the car got a cold wash as well hehe).  

It may sound like I'm complaining and all but I'm not. It was one of the craziest weeks in my mission and looking back at it, I just smile. We are having someone come fix our geyser this week and then all should well. I have never worked as hard as I am here in Mthatha and I'm learning that you shouldn't take small things for granted like hot water and electricity.  And not having fleas.  This place is the farthest thing you could imagine from being like home but I don't think I want to leave anytime soon.  The people here want the gospel, we have some amazing investigators and the small Branch has some powerful members.  With all the tribulations that I went through this week just proves to me that this Church and work is true. Why else would I go through all this? this gospel makes me happy, a kind of joy that you can't find anywhere else. And if I had to take cold showers and get bitten by fleas for the rest of my life just so I could be part of this church, I would.  This is THE Church of Jesus Christ. It's His Church.  Any of you that don't know this yet, please take the time in your life to find this out.  You have so many blessing waiting for you and all it takes is a leap of faith (Alma favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon) 

I love what I'm doing. Don't want it any other way. I was thinking last night about how much time that I have left here on mission and it scared me.  It's getting short! I don't think I'm ready to come home. Sadly they don't really allow extensions this mission or I would try it :)  I love you all and hope that all is well back home. Thanks for being the people you are, especially those that helped clean up Centerville and my yard.  You are prayers answered showing that my family is being watched over. 

PS-Last night I finished the week with making Elder Lewatle and I some Chicken stir fry for dinner and drinking two cans of Dr. Pepper (found a store out here that sells american products! Who knew clear out in Mthatha I would find Dr. Pepper!) It was a great end to the week.

OH and by the way, I'm going on a road trip this week! We have our Christmas activity as a zone tomorrow so we are driving to East London tonight (3 HRS), staying the night and then Driving back on Wednesday....I'm excited, been a while since I've gone on a road trip!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hello from Mthatha!!!!!

Things here are crazy! I'm the whitest kid out here! 

No city, no large buildings, just one main street and everything else is township.  This Is really Africa.


We had an appointment last week where I don't think I heard one word of english...all in xhosa.  Thankfully though, most people here speak english so that was an exception.  It was weird though.

I stay in a nice neighborhood (not township) in a house. That's right, a house with a yard and everything.  All the Elders in the district stay together, it's really cool.  Elder Nielsen and Elder Simpson (both past comps) are the other companionship in my district.  So far it's been a fun time.  The house has three rooms, one bath and kitchen with a lounge area.  Pretty roomy, I like it.  We all have our beds in one room and the other two rooms are used for the study rooms.  We have a member who lives in a small house in the back and has a cool job where he makes documentaries.  He owns a Mac and said I'm free to play on it. BOOM, who knew...out here in Mthatha I would find a Mac user.  Hehe.

My comp, Elder Lewatle is from Joburg and we are getting along really well. He's a cool kid. He's been out about 13 months.  He has these little funny comments that he is always making (sound familiar?) we'll be great together.

The only downside to this area are the roads. I remember Chelsea always complaining about potholes being fixed and didn't understand why people can't just go around them.  Well, come out here to Mthatha, Pothole city.  There are so many! You never drive straight down the road because you have to weave in and out of these massive holes. And most of our area is dirt roads anyways.  It rained a lot last week so the roads were muddy as mud and it was some crazy drivin! I'm learning though.

We have some great members out here in this tiny, little branch.  They meet in a small building that used to be a hotel and the missionaries mostly run the Branch.  They expect a lot out of us...I have a feeling I might even get a calling!  But Like I said, a lot of great members.  They just love the missionaries and always are willing to do stuff for us.  Everyday since I've been here, we've had a minimum of two fellowshippers with us the whole day.  Their choice.  What diehards they are!

Our teaching pool is a good side but Elder Lewatle and I are going to try to find a lot more people this week. We had some amazing lessons last night with a couple of people. One was with a group of sisters and we talked about how the Book of Mormon is the proof of the restoration and Joseph Smith.  The spirit was very strong as we bore witness of this powerful book. ITS TRUE. READ IT IF YOU DON"T KNOW THIS. READ IT IF YOU DO.

I'm going to increase my Xhosa knowledge while I'm here, hopefully I'll be able to speak more of it by the time I leave.  It's an interesting language.

I do miss Cape Town....lived there for over a year...I was sad to leave it. I'll go back one day...I could even see myself living there :)  Oh how I have fallen in love with the Mother City.

Well, I hope that you all have a great week and know that I think of you oft.

Can't get my camera to connect to the comp...sorry :(

Stay Classy,


Friday, November 25, 2011

Well hello my friends! How are you all?

Did you have a great week? I think about everyone back home often, hoping that all of you are doing well. You guys are in my prayers, that's for sure! 

This week has been a pretty cool...little weird though. In the words of Bob Dylan....'Times are a changin'

That's right, I'm leaving and going somewhere else.  For this first time in over a year, I'm leaving Cape Town.

Yep, me and the mother city are parting our ways and moving on.

I'm going off to a distant land called Mthatha (pronouced Mm-ta-ta). The very tip of the Eastern Cape, farthest you can get away from the office.

It's going to be sweet.

It's a pretty Rural area of the mission and it's you and three other elders out there. You all live together. My first four man boarding. It is going to be way different to the city life of Cape Town that I have been living in for the past year, but it will be quite the experiance.  But have no fear, I will be completely safe, probably more safe than I am in Cape Town!!  I think that I'm in for yet another great part of my mission, different, but awesome nonetheless.

As for mowbray, I'll miss this area, it has been a great time here. I have learned a lot in the six months that I have spent here. Some great members and some great people that I have taught.  

For some reason, I don't have too much to say this week.  We had a another busy weekexcept for saturday when all our appointments dropped on us.  It was weird but we survived.

I'm really sad about leaving Elder Parry though...he's been one of my favorite companions!!!! I will definately be going to Whales to see that man.  

This week you guys get some picturrrrrrrresssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!! be exciteeddddd!!!!!!!

Just some photos of the past few weeks that I've taken.

I love you all and next time you hear from me, I'll be in Mthatha!!!

BTW, my new comp is Elder Lewatle from SA and the otehr guys in my district are Elder Neilsen and Elder Simpson (two past companions!!!!)

hope the pictures work...this computer is about to be thrown out I'm that frustrated with it. Where's Clifford? :(

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello all!

Here is another week here in the Mother City of Cape Town! Things have been going well, Elder parry and I are the busiest we have ever been on our missions and we are just having a grand ol' time!  This past week has been full of some great appointments and great people.  The only downside to the whole week was the fact that only one investigator came to church yesterday, but that is okay, we'll keep pushing along.

We had an appointment with Stocklyn on saturday and we gave him the Book of Mormon, he seems eager to keep has been great visiting with him.  He seems to have the most potential out of most of the people that we see.  The other guy, Sylvain is doing pretty good.  We were unable to have a good appointment with him this week but we did go and see him at his book stand in downtown.  We stopped by his house last night to see how he was and he was a little startled that we were there...he said "I never have anyone visit me..." I think we are earning the trust of him!  

Another neat story was on Saturday we talked to a confused Jewish lady that has been reading the New Testament and just trying to figure things out.  We gave her a Book of Mormon to read and hopefully she'll read it and give us a call (she wasn't too keen on giving us her details due to her husband being pretty strict with being a Jew)

Elder Parry and I are getting along really well and working incredibly together!  He's a great guy and I think it's because of the great unity that we have that this area is doing so well right now.  Just some great things happening here in Cape Town right now.  

On Saturday night we had to move flats. A Elder was having health problems and his flat had a geyser break and it leaked they had them move into our flat(it is the most clean around) and after they repaired their flat and repainted it...we moved in.  At first I wasn't to happy with having to move again (fourth time in this area) but today we cleaned the whole place and put the furniture the way we like it and now it's not that bad! Hopefully I'll get to live there a little longer to enjoy the hard work I did with cleaning.  

Another thing is that a member let me borrow his guitar and I've been playing around on it for a bit and I wrote a comical song towards Elder Parry on Saturday...he recorded it on his camera(mine was out of memory)'s called Song of the Lambs....I'll get a copy of it to watch when I come home.

Things are going well and I'm very happy!

This gospel is very true and this is Jesus Christ's one and only true Church on the Earth and I'm so Happy to be a member of it!!!

Have a great week!!!

Sorry yet again no photos...I forgot my card reader at the week!

Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi, I'm Elder Naylor....remember me?

Yep, I kind disapeared there for a bit...didn't I?

Well, things happened and I'm now not fully in the office anymore (still go in for a few hours a day just to finish up training people) so I should be back to my weekly emailing, so that means a lot more updates from this part of the world, from this guy.

My companion right now is Elder Parry from Whales...we get along a little too well but we work really well together and we have been working hard in just the past week that we have been serving together.  Some people say that he looks like Mr. Bean...and kinda acts like him in some sense, so go figure that we would get along. We spent most part of the other day acting like people with italian accents... the members that we went to visit thought we had gone bonkers!!! I have a feeling that these next few weeeks are going to be fantastic!

We found someone that may turn out to be a golden...His name is Stocklyn. He lives in Camps Bay (google it, it's a pretty cool place.) He is a servant for this really rich guy that stays in this big house. Stocklyn lives in a small room by the garage. He is really smart and the other night when we commited him to baptism, he said "With no hesitation. Can we do it right now?" His uncle was a member and tried to get him to join the church years ago but wouldn' his uncle has passed, he thinks there is a reason why he ran into us that one day...he went off on a huge testimony thing how incredible it was how we met him. (Elder Parry and Elder Simpson helped him move a mattress one day when they were stopping by a members house)  I'm really excited to see him progress.  We also had some other success with another guy. This man sells books on the street in downtown cape town and we had talked to him a few times and the last time, we asked him to come to chuch and he flat out said that he couldn't because he needs the money he makes on selling his books on sunday. Well, we went off on how he needs to exercise his faith in jesus christ how how important it is to show that faith.He agreed...probably just to get us to lay off him. We set up an appointment with him for saturday night and off we went. Well saturday rolls around and we are trying to find where this guy lives and just can' the time we finally do find him, it's too late and we have to reschedule with him for another day, but before we left we once again commited him to church...once again he gave the same excuse.  but he said yes.  So sunday comes around and we didn't think about him coming but there I'm am sitting in the back of the chapel during sacrament and low and behold....he walks in! Made me so happy! Before he left after church, we thanked him for exercising his faith and coming to church...we have an appointment with him this week...we'll see how things go.

What else is happening?

I saw some downhill longboarders yesterday and followed them going down a steep hill in heavy traffic (THAT'S REAL SMART)...once at the bottom I made Elder Parry pull the car over and I got out to talk to them. They were rude though and kinda ignored me....oh well, it was cool seeing a longboard!!!!!

I'm really enjoying serving in the heart of cape town...way cool area, so much to see and so many people!  Oh....I found a subway in cape town and ate lunch there the other was good but just not the same as home. Miss the five dollar footlongs.  The guy at the till asked me where I was from and I said Utah and he responded with "Oh, mormon country right?"  Sure thing....I guesss?

Sorry no photos...don't have a card reader or a cable....maybe another time.

Love you all!!!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Here from the Dust!

I bet you guys thought I was dead.

It's been a while, huh?

Things have been, well, kinda crazy here in the bottom of the world.

I work everyday in the office...9to5. I'm quite good (if I dare to say) at what I do now, I know all the tricks of the office!

I am really enjoying my time here, though it is really different, I am learning a lot about this work and myself.

Allow me to explain.

First, it is crazy how much behind the scene stuff goes on in this Church just to make it run the way it does. It's incredible.  I never really realized what the General Authorities and Auxiliaries give up in order for us to have everything that we have in the Church. It's a lot.  Be thankful for all the work that goes in just so you can go sit in a chapel each sunday and have the sacrament or go to an activity on a weekday. It's a blessing.

Second, I'm learning so much about me! I'm realizing how unhealthy I really am....something I'm going to start working on. With me being in the office all day and not getting out much, my body feels it and reacts differently than I would have thought. I feel sluggish and tired a lot now and I have come to the conclusion that it is because of my diet and my non-physical life style.  I AM OUT OF SHAPE my friends. my body is starting to catch up with all the crap I gave it through my teenage years...I'm paying the price for sure! But I'm glad that I am recognizing it now and hopefully I'll kill the beast when it is a infant rather than trying to conquer it when it is fully grown. rawr.

Another thing I have realized is how hard it is to put two people together and have them do separate jobs. Example: I am in charge of the post, which means that once a day I have to go down to the post office and collect all the post. Sometimes it includes paying for parcels and waiting in line..blah blah blah. It's not fun and takes up at least 30 mins...if your quick. But I must do it and I do it joyfully. The only problem is that when I go to get post, I have to have Elder Senyange with me...this sometimes creates a problem because whenever I'm ready to go, he's busy in his work and won't just drop everything to come (i understand...not complaining here). So I wait and wait and wait and wait....sometimes a while before he'll finally come with me. Sometimes I just want to run really fast by myself so I can just get it over with...but I can't. It's the only difficult part but I deal with it and I know it's not Elder Senyange's fault.

There's a rant if you haven't seen one before.

We have been having some success as of late in Mowbray. Since we now have full time missionaries working the area, it has made the ward really excited to move the work. Elder Simpson (a greenie to the mission, he's in my district) said the other day that he can't remember a time when a member wasn't at a lesson with them. Talk about awesome. I have a great district! By the way, I am really enjoying being District Leader though sometimes it can be hectic with the office responsibilities as well.

This past weekend was Africa-wide Mormon Helping Hands...which was really fun. Last year when it happened, it was my first saturday out in the field. The next one....I won't be here for. Time is FLYING.

Well, I hope that you all enjoy this update from me, theELDERNAYLOR. He misses you all and he misses post as well. (It's pretty much non-existent now. But I know I should be writing people more too.)

Hope that you have a great day and that all is well back on the homefront.

loves and hugs!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


sorry that I have unable to send updates for my weeks lately...I am terribly bad. Need to work on that!

I love you all and hope that you enjoy the pictures!!!



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is it that I do??

Okay, so I thought that I would be nice to you guys and write an email this week.
You can thank me later.

So things here have been crazy but good, office life is much different than proselyting life. Much different.

So as I have mentioned before, we had a transition of mission presidents so I have been kept plenty busy with that.
It was really sad to see President and Sister Probst go, I have grown to love them so much over the coarse of the past year.
They brought me a new outlook to the gospel, to put a more eternal aspect on everything. I've learned from the Probst how important it is to account to the Lord with everything that you do, to really involve Him in your life.  I have learned how important it is to have revelation in these days and times and that Christ is really leading this Church.  Another thing I learned is the importance of an eternal companion. President Probst is the best example of a humble man that honors and respects his wife.  They have taught me so much...still sad to think that they are really gone.

But the Lord needs them somewhere else. And needs the Woods here now.

So onto the Woods, a wonderful couple from Fairbanks Alaska where "many are cold, but few are frozen" (he's told that joke a lot now)
I'm really excited to see the direction that President Wood takes this mission.  I'll let you know little bit more about him as I spend more time with him.
So far, I love them and I think I will really enjoy serving around them.

Even though we are always in the office, we have been having some success out in the field.  We found a man named Moses, and all that live with him.  He's from Zimbabwe and it's great to teach him because he understands what we say and hopefully will progress as we visit more.

The ward here is wonderful, full of people that just love the Gospel and are really just engaged with their testimonies which is something we all need to do!

Lastly....I guess I should focus on something that someone has been bugging me about lately :) so here's an answer:

     What is it that I do all day in the office?
          I get there about eight in the morning each day. The mornings are somewhat slow but it's nice.
          My duties are as followed:
                                                Cell phones, I replace broken phones, check the phone bill, check contracts..all that good stuff
                                                Baptism records, I bug missionaries to get their records in the day after the baptism so I can enter them into the computer
                                                Post, I get to go to the famous PO Box 181 each day and pick up post. Then at the office I sort it all
                                                         Also with post, I send it out to the areas each tuesday
                                                Travel, you travel within SACTM, I book it. 
                                                Orders, I make sure missionaries get the supplies they need
                                                President Wood's driver when he goes to the airport
                                                And the newsletter each transfer.
                      My title? I'm not sure...think someone once said "Office Manager" but I doubt it. Just call me "Office Elder"

So that is what I do everyday, still getting trained to know how to do things so I don't necessarily do all that yet..but soon.  It's fun and I really enjoy it.  

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Doesn't feel like July 4th, I'm sitting here with the heater on trying to stay warm! haha
A good thing though: we have an American couple in the ward here and they invited us for dinner tonight to celebrate.  She asked if we could bring a favorite American dessert for the South Africans that will be there can try it....we'll see what we come up with. We're thinking rice krispy treats because those are unknown here...the thing is is that it is hard to find plain marshmallows...all they have is flavored ones. (maybe a coconut flavored rice krispy will be nice? We'll see.)


Have fun and stay strong my family and friends,

Elder Naylor

Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear family and friends,
Well, another week has come and gone and so much has happened.
No longer am I in Bellville...which was quite sad for me.  I will really miss that place, some good times and people are there.
Now, as I've stated in other emails sent to certain people, I am serving in the South Africa Cape Town mission office.
It is a strange transistion because I went from being out and constantly doing missionary work to working behind a desk most of the day.
It's a weird change but it is one that I am enjoying a lot.
My new area is Cape Town itself. So look mom, you got your wish of me serving in the actual city that my mission is named after.
The office I think will be a good learning experience for me, for it will allow me to see how the mission works behind the scenes...which is a lot more than I thought.
My first few days here in the office were kind of crazy...learning everything all over again, I feel like a greenie again!
But slowly I'm learning and getting everything down.
I work in the office from eight in the morning until five at night and then we go out into the area.
It is really tiring.
Elder Balmforth (my new companion) put it a funny way: "Feels like I have a full time job and then when I get done, I have to go do home teaching until nine!"
haha...he's great and I'm really excited to work with him because he has a lot of fire and we hope to move this area into a great position for future missionaries.
One thing that I really love about this new area is the boarding.  It is amazing.
It used to be a senior couple flat but now they are letting us use it for now.
It has a full bath, full kitchen, full size living room, and a hallway...A HALLWAY! haha
It is a real step up from the flat that I was in before...that was tiny.
A thing that I find quite odd.  Do you guys receive my emails? I've emailed a few of you guys multiple times since I've been in the office and it seems that nobody is acknowledging that I'm sending emails! haha. I really hope you guys do realize I am almost ALWAYS by a computer now and I'm able to check my email everyday (we have permission). Just thought I would make that note because I would like some acknowledgement that you guys are getting my emails. 
OH, yesterday was sunday and I got to go to my new ward.  It's in Mowbray and it's at the oldest Chapel the church owns in South feels cool to go to a place with such history!
I love all of you and hope you have a great week! Drop me an email this week so I have stuff to put a smile on my face as I work about the office.
Elder Naylor

Monday, May 30, 2011

I thought the Rockies would be a little bit more rockier.

Yeah that John Denver is full......know that movie?

Anyways, here I am again!  Miss me yet?

Yesterday I hit the ten month mark on mission. 10 MONTHS, can you believe it?

Well, this past week was a pretty good week.  We went from having pretty much no one with a baptism date to now having two!  The new person is named Nthambi (N-Tam-bee) she is a great lady, has a boy about 11 years old.  She asks so many questions and just eats up everything we tell and give her.  She came to church yesterday and just loved it.  It feels great to have a solid investigator!  Too bad she will probably be getting baptized next month so I probably won't be here.  

I've been doing just dandy this past week. I've officially decided that I like short hair and will probably always have it...buzzed budd for the rest of my life!  

I want to tell you about jose...he's a kitten that lives by our flat and always runs out when we are leaving and is very playful.  The other day we were going up the stairs to our flat when we heard his bell.  We looked over the edge to find him trying to climbing a small tree trying to get up to us.  We have sure grown to love this little cat.  Strange huh? haha. 

What else has happened in the life of Elder Naylor?

I don't think I mentioned this...if I did, then it's a repeat.  I longboarded a few weeks ago!!! It was amazing!!! I found some kids with a board and asked them, and they let me.  It was fun though I was in my suit and my dress shoes felt awkward...need to start having a pair of vans on me at all times!!!!

I hope that everyone is having a great day, I am for sure.

I'm sorry not much post has come from me...I'm working on it. I really am. days just go by so quick here!


ELDER Naylor

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Family and Friends...

Hello all.
Hope that you guys had a wonderful week.  I did, even though it was slow.
The only big thing that happened this week is that Elder Nkala went to was a sad occasion because we didn't want him to leave, but the Lord needs him elsewhere!!!!
So now I am back to just one companion....which I'm totally fine with, more room in the boarding!
It's starting to get really cold here, it rained a lot last night...woke me up it was raining so hard!! HAHA.
But I think I like the colder weather better than the warm, but that's just my opinion.
The work here in Bellville is going, we are trying our hardest to work with the people we have...but I feel that most of this week will be spent knocking on doors.  That's ok because that way you get to meet a lot of interesting people.
That old couple I talked about last week, well, they have been really busy so we haven't been able to see them, but I'm looking forward to teching them.
We are starting to teach this lady whose husband just died in a car accident....he was a member but she was never interested.  Things have changed now and hopefully we can work with her so she is baptized for the right reasons....I'm praying a lot for this lady right now!
Well, I hope all of you know that I am doing awesome, can't believe that in a week I will be hitting the 10 month mark...almost a year out, CRAZY!
I love you all, sorry this is so short....but know I'm well and doing good work.
Elder Naylor
This computer won't let me add pictures, next week!

Exercise Exercise!!

I haven't been that nice to you guys as of late so I am sending a lot of photos this week...enjoy them!!

This has been a good week.  Yes oh yes it has.

I'm going to start being more serious with my exercising this week...I'm weak and that needs to change. I don't want to come back just skin and bones....haha.

Long story....I'm going to cut it short.  We met a wonderful old couple...golden.

They were truly prepared by the Lord, I felt the spirit like no other as we taught them, the way they responded to our questions, how they took in the lesson, how the wife asked before I could..."When are you coming back?"

They have found the truth, I pray that the next lesson will go well. They have found it, but now they need to accept it.

I have been thinking a lot about this experience this past week.  My heart rejoices when I think about these people.  The day we met them, I was just going to go back to the car and go somewhere else (our appointment wasn't home.)  But instead something told me to go and talk to this lady....

She told me later how she was laying in bed and she got the impression to go outside. There we were. The Lord prepares

My family and friends. I am enjoying mission so much, the culture, the people, the fun I am having. But this past week I had a wake up call, I'm here IN PLACE of the Lord.  My sacred responsibility as a missionary is much greater than I think any of us realize.  These two years are the Lord's, not mine.

So as much as you all miss me, remember that I'm not doing this for myself, I'm not doing this because I feel like it.  The Lord needs to use me as an instrument for 24 months.  

Is that too much for Him to ask?

After all, He's given me eternal life.

Love you all,

Elder Naylor 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today's email will be short and sweet because it seems like only yesterday i was talking to you guys...oh wait.
It was wonderful to talk to you all yesterday!!!  Sounds like everyone is doing great and still sound like the crazy bunch that I call a family!
In this side of the world things are going well.  Though the work is slowing down right now, we are trying our hardest to keep things going.  I am really enjoying this transfer and I know that a lot of great memories will be made.
I'm sitting here thinking of what to type but my mind is blank because I told you guys everything yesterday!!!
One cool experience that we had this week was with a new guy we ran into the other day.  His name is France. Very nice guy.  Hs son-in-law joined us at the beginning of the lesson...well, when we got done with teaching them, I asked how did they feel and the son-in-law responded with "Shocked" "I have never thought about this stuff before..."  Bam, just the answer we want. Too bad he doesn't live in our area....we'll pass him on to other missionaries and keep working with France.
Well, I think that is know everything else. 
I'm sorry about photos...I had some good ones but this computer won't let me attatch them! :(
Eder Naylor

Do you guys really Gnome me?

Bam! Here I am in transfer number seven!!!  It is crazy how fast time goes!!!  It's May! In two months it will be July, my mission will be halfway over...crazy, I'm trying my hardest to make this time count!!!!

Well, I'm sure that you are all wondering about transfer news...where I am and who I am with.  Well I guess I'll be nice and tell you guys.  

I stayed in Bellville, which is good for the most part. I know the area really well (even though it is huge) and there are some great people here that I am working with.  Though I'll probably be ready for a change come the end of this transfer because 4.5 months in an area is a while and it's nice to have change every now and then.

As for my companion, Elder Nielsen is gone.  He is now serving in Fish Hoek, a little seaside town...I'm sure mom would like it, or even Chelly :)  I don't know though, I've never been there.  As for my new companion....well, I got another one from Elder Nielsen's just a month and a half younger than me.  His name is Elder Pearson and he is from good ol' Ceder City Utah!  He's pretty cool, quite like far we work really well together.  He's worked in township his whole area so he's still getting used to this 'upperclass' type of area.  
Another thing that is news is that we have another Elder with us for a short time.  He is waiting for his visa so he can go to Namibia.  His name is Elder Nkala from Zimbabwe.  He's really cool and a great missionary.  It feels good to be in a trio again!!! (though our flat thinks otherwise) 
The work here is going pretty good, I'm working on getting the ward and missionary relationship better so yesterday I was trying to get appointments to see as many members as I can this week.  It's a great ward and I really want to get to know them better.  I feel that will help the work as well.  Plus I'm getting tired of tracking almost everyday for hours.

Another cool thing is that Micheal and Melissa were confirmed yesterday! The Bishop was the one who preformed the ordinance.   It felt really good to be a part of their conversion.  I have really enjoyed working with them and I hope that I can stay in contact with this family for years to come.  Sister Botha has been such a motherly person to me...last week I got a bad cold and she bought me medicine and everytime we go over there she always has dinner. (Last night she made Lamb and all the fixin's...a great sunday dinner!)  Just a great family.

Did you notice the subject of this email?  You guys have always called me weird because of my love for Mike Sanders and gnomes...well I figured out I'm not alone.  Micheal loves gnomes as well...he has a 'friend'..can't remember the name AND he has a cool gnome shirt...just like me!  He even went and saw the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" (Why I have never heard of this movie, I don't know, but I must obtain it and watch it as soon as possible when I get home!)
Yes...hope you enjoy the picture (he felt strange taking the photo, but I insisted.)

So things are going well here in Bellville.  I'm happy and excited for this transfer.  
I love it here.

Well, now for the topic I'm sure you're all waiting for. The phone call.
I talked to the Bishop and he said I could call from the chapel.
I liked what we did last time with the whole time thing so I think
I'll just keep it as that.  I'll call you guys (mom's phone) around nine o'clock SA time (PM).
So that's like what?  One o'clock (PM) your guys' time?  I think that is good. 
And yes, I want Chelly there.  :)

Well I think that is all for this week.  I think it was a pretty good email, hope you guys like it.

I love you all and will TALK to you guys soon (2/4 phone calls home!)


Elder Naylor

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amazing Grace!!

Well, family and I am yet again writing to you.

How was everyone's week?  By the emails that I received, it sounds like everything went wonderful and that everything is still on the right track.  Stay on that track.  great.

Well this past week had been a pretty good for me...last week of the transfers, keep the work going!!!

Yesterday....Sunday, I am pleased to announce the baptism of Micheal and Melissa Botha.  And it was I that performed the was such a wonderful experience!!! I was a little bit nervous but all went well.  The Lord really prepared them and i am so glad that I was able to be a part of their acceptance of the Gospel!!!  I baptized Melissa first and then Micheal and I were getting out of the water, he looks at me and says "uh, thanks." It's amazing to see people accept this gospel and decide for themselves that this is what they need to do in their life!  They will make really strong members and will keep the kingdom strong.

So that was my highlight for the week.  Not much else has really happened.

I am really enjoying mission and all that it brings me.  Serving out here in South Africa is changing my views and who I am.  I can't believe that this week I will pass the nine month mark!  Nine months already?  Gone by to fast.  I only have 15 more months and then it's over, done with.  So I'm working my hardest to live this experience up!  I'm trying to record all my thoughts in my journal (Going to pass the 500 page mark this week....incredible eh?)

So family and friends, know that I know all of this stuff I'm teaching and sharing is true.  I know it, I don't just believe it.  I am so thankful for my Savior and that he was able to conquer death so that I might live beyond this life!  He gives purpose to my life!!!

Amazing Grace!  I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

I love you all, have a wonderful week.  Happy Easter.

Elder Naylor


Hello one and all, how are you all this week!!!??? Lekker?
Well, for me this week was a weird one...I got sick.
I got some bug in me on Tuesday night and had the flu for about three wasn't fun I tell ya!!!

Luckly on Friday I got post...a package for Easter and a letter from Chelly!!! Yay for letters!!!!
So with that, I don't have much to report on.
Melissa and Micheal got interviewed for baptism and they both passed and this coming sunday they will enter the waters...I'm stoked!!
And they are going to have me do the Baptism...scary but pretty cool...I'm stoked!!! Hopefully everything goes well and wonderful, I'll let you know.
ONe thing that I did this weeked was watch conference, boy it was one of my favorite so far!!!  I have never taken so much out of conference than I did with this one!  My favorite part was the priesthood session, had some of my favorite talks in it....and Pres. Eyring got a little humours there at the beginning of his talk, made me laugh so hard.  ONe talk that I just loved was that of Richard G. Scott,  I always love his talks but for some reason, this one was really great...he really loved his wife and you can see it in his face.
I'm doing much better now and feeling about 98% so that's good...I hope that everyone had a fabulous week and hope that this week will be better.  Next week for me is transfers and that means change...I don't think I'm moving though so We'll see but you won't know for another two weeks haha.
I hope that you know I love you guys!!!!!

Elder naylor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss you all but send CANDY

Hello all!!! Monday again?!  I miss you all, I do I do!
This week has been a great week. Not because amazing things happened but just because I was serving the Lord!!!!
I have yet to see general conference but I hear it was great from a few people :)
I'll see it this weekend for sure though.
I've met some great people this past week, a young couple with a baby on the way that are having us for dinner tomorrow, just some great young people that hopefully will accept the Gospel!!

We are going to have a baptism in a couple weeks for Melissa and Micheal Botha, they are progressing really well!!! I might be baptizing them, we'll see though!
They had us over dinner last night, just a wonderful family...and gospel just makes them so much better!!!
Another update is on Reon, he's doing great, progressing pretty well.  He came to church yesterday and highly enjoyed it.  We're just working with some great people lately!!!
I'm doing awesome, got a lovely package this past friday with some goodies in them that are quickly being consumed...thanks Clovis and Kinley!!! Candy is a great thing to receive in a box....just saying. :)
I'm learning a lot out here, almost nine months already?  This time is passing too quickly.
My heart is with you all...have a great week!!!

Elder Naylor.
P.S. I'm doing bad on pictures this week and last....sorry :(

Monday, April 4, 2011


Had a dream last night...I got home and Clifford was a mess...had so much junk downloaded onto it and it was in bad condition.  Yes, I worry about a lot of important things while out here on mission.
My week has been good.  We had some great success at church this past Sunday (So yesterday)
We had a total of seven investigators there.  Incredible, a record for Bellville in a while!!!
Some other things that have happened to me is that we have been having some great appointments with all of our "Golden investigators"
Reon, remember him? Well he's back now and we are teaching him again.  While he was in Joburg he forgot his Book of Mormon in Cape Town so he went to the temple and bought himself one!!!  Talk about determination.  He's a great guy, just love working with him.
We also are working with the Botha's...they are progressing really quick, yesteray they finally cmae to church for all three meetings.  President and Sister Probst are going to come with us tomorrow to visit them...I'm a little nervous but I'm sure that everything will go well.
I don't have any real cool stories this week, sorry.  Nothing big has happened lately.  It is getting colder each day here, winter is just around the corner!!!  I'll have to find a jacket to wear soon....but we still get some sunny days!!!
Sorry that this email is short, I just don't have much to report on this week.  I'm doing just wonderful...sometimes mission gets rough with the whole doing the same thing everyday but it is so worth it when you have those great lessons or find those prepared people!!!
I'm so happy to have the knowledge that I do have and I am thankful for this gospel!!!!
I keep all of you in my prayers and I think of you guys often...keep well and enjoy life!!

Love you!!!

ELDER Naylor

....another week.

well, here I am once again. Another week down and many to go.  Well not as many as last week...hmmm.
This past week has been a good one, we were able to have a baptism yesterday, a recent convert's two kids got was eight and the other was ten.  They were super excited and thankfully everything went well.  It made me happy to see those kids so eager to be baptized...great family and I love working with them. 
Another thing that happened this week was Zone conference...we mainly talked about how we need not to compare ourselves to others and how we must try our hardest and keep our spirits was something that I really needed to hear!  We watched a cheesy, yet wonderful video called "You are Special"....I liked it a lot even though it was a little wierd...look it up on youtube if you get the chance.
At Zone conference I ran into a familiar face...a certain missionary with the name Elder Bangerter. Thought I might go my whole mission without seeing him! (this is a big mission...that could happen).  Anyways, it was really good seeing a face from home.  He's on his way to Namibia so who knows when the next time that I will see him!!!
For the most part, the wek went big complaints really.  Tomorrow I turn eight months on mission...can you believe it?!?!  It has gone too quick.  But I have enjoyed the learning experiance.
Sorry if this is short, but there isn't much to report on....I'm having a great time and I keep you all in my prayers!!!!

I love you guys so much!!!

Elder Naylor 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haircut, Cake, and Pictures!!

Well, another week down. Can you believe it?

I'm here and well and doing fine and happy and smiling and laughing and enjoying this part of my life.

As I mentioned last week, it was transfers and just like I thought....I stayed in Bellville. And my companion? It stayed the same as well...Elder Nielsen.  Looks like we get to keep doing some good work together in this part of the world.  And boy do we have some good things ahead of us.

This week we met with a part member family named the Botha's.  The mother is a member and her kids have never been baptized because the father was against it, but now they are old enough and have decided that they want to decide for themselves if all this stuff is true.  The boy is named Micheal and he is 20 years old, going to university to be something with construction.  The girl is Michelle and she is 17 years old, still in high school.  They both are really wanting to be baptized...we met with them last night and gave them a baptism date for the last sunday in  April.  Micheal responded with "As in this year?" haha, we all had a good laugh about that but yes, this year as in next month!!! It's really great to be working with them and preparing them for this major step in their life. I'm excited.
So that was the major highlight of the work pertaining to missionary work.

In other aspects of my life, last monday we went to Green Market Square which is in Central Cape Town.  Man, I love city was so exciting to be in Cape Town...very beautiful city...I wish I could explore it more!  Green Market Square is a place where a bunch of merchants are selling souvenirs...mostly African things. Nothing caught my eye, meaning I didn't buy anything, It was still fun to go and look at all the stuff.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that I let Elder Nielsen give me a haircut. It didn't turn out that bad though it was shorter than we both imagined.  I haven't had it this short in YEARS.  It's nice I guess...I might just keep it like this for a while, we'll see. So that's the news in the hair department :)

Our car has been having some trouble lately...A/C went out and the coolant has been leaking.  We have been keeping it cool with water until the shop will look at the car on wednesday....they won't look at it on the spot, you need an appointment.

I finally got around to making my birthday cake!!! I have been so busy lately...but I finally did it! It turned out wonderful and tastes wonderful!!! Thanks!!!

Well, I think that is all I can think of.  

I love you.

You're the best.

Elder Naylor