Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you guys really Gnome me?

Bam! Here I am in transfer number seven!!!  It is crazy how fast time goes!!!  It's May! In two months it will be July, my mission will be halfway over...crazy, I'm trying my hardest to make this time count!!!!

Well, I'm sure that you are all wondering about transfer news...where I am and who I am with.  Well I guess I'll be nice and tell you guys.  

I stayed in Bellville, which is good for the most part. I know the area really well (even though it is huge) and there are some great people here that I am working with.  Though I'll probably be ready for a change come the end of this transfer because 4.5 months in an area is a while and it's nice to have change every now and then.

As for my companion, Elder Nielsen is gone.  He is now serving in Fish Hoek, a little seaside town...I'm sure mom would like it, or even Chelly :)  I don't know though, I've never been there.  As for my new companion....well, I got another one from Elder Nielsen's just a month and a half younger than me.  His name is Elder Pearson and he is from good ol' Ceder City Utah!  He's pretty cool, quite like far we work really well together.  He's worked in township his whole area so he's still getting used to this 'upperclass' type of area.  
Another thing that is news is that we have another Elder with us for a short time.  He is waiting for his visa so he can go to Namibia.  His name is Elder Nkala from Zimbabwe.  He's really cool and a great missionary.  It feels good to be in a trio again!!! (though our flat thinks otherwise) 
The work here is going pretty good, I'm working on getting the ward and missionary relationship better so yesterday I was trying to get appointments to see as many members as I can this week.  It's a great ward and I really want to get to know them better.  I feel that will help the work as well.  Plus I'm getting tired of tracking almost everyday for hours.

Another cool thing is that Micheal and Melissa were confirmed yesterday! The Bishop was the one who preformed the ordinance.   It felt really good to be a part of their conversion.  I have really enjoyed working with them and I hope that I can stay in contact with this family for years to come.  Sister Botha has been such a motherly person to me...last week I got a bad cold and she bought me medicine and everytime we go over there she always has dinner. (Last night she made Lamb and all the fixin's...a great sunday dinner!)  Just a great family.

Did you notice the subject of this email?  You guys have always called me weird because of my love for Mike Sanders and gnomes...well I figured out I'm not alone.  Micheal loves gnomes as well...he has a 'friend'..can't remember the name AND he has a cool gnome shirt...just like me!  He even went and saw the movie "Gnomeo and Juliet" (Why I have never heard of this movie, I don't know, but I must obtain it and watch it as soon as possible when I get home!)
Yes...hope you enjoy the picture (he felt strange taking the photo, but I insisted.)

So things are going well here in Bellville.  I'm happy and excited for this transfer.  
I love it here.

Well, now for the topic I'm sure you're all waiting for. The phone call.
I talked to the Bishop and he said I could call from the chapel.
I liked what we did last time with the whole time thing so I think
I'll just keep it as that.  I'll call you guys (mom's phone) around nine o'clock SA time (PM).
So that's like what?  One o'clock (PM) your guys' time?  I think that is good. 
And yes, I want Chelly there.  :)

Well I think that is all for this week.  I think it was a pretty good email, hope you guys like it.

I love you all and will TALK to you guys soon (2/4 phone calls home!)


Elder Naylor

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