Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today's email will be short and sweet because it seems like only yesterday i was talking to you guys...oh wait.
It was wonderful to talk to you all yesterday!!!  Sounds like everyone is doing great and still sound like the crazy bunch that I call a family!
In this side of the world things are going well.  Though the work is slowing down right now, we are trying our hardest to keep things going.  I am really enjoying this transfer and I know that a lot of great memories will be made.
I'm sitting here thinking of what to type but my mind is blank because I told you guys everything yesterday!!!
One cool experience that we had this week was with a new guy we ran into the other day.  His name is France. Very nice guy.  Hs son-in-law joined us at the beginning of the lesson...well, when we got done with teaching them, I asked how did they feel and the son-in-law responded with "Shocked" "I have never thought about this stuff before..."  Bam, just the answer we want. Too bad he doesn't live in our area....we'll pass him on to other missionaries and keep working with France.
Well, I think that is know everything else. 
I'm sorry about photos...I had some good ones but this computer won't let me attatch them! :(
Eder Naylor

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