Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wild Animals of South Africa!!

Well, here I am again, writing all you lovely people an email.  This one will probably be short because there isn't much to report on, the week was well.  Nothing big happened but nothing small happened either, just another week in South Africa.  

One thing that happened that is in a negative light is that I (and Elder Simpson) got some sort of sickness this past week.  Nothing huge because we were still both able to work, it's just that our stomachs weren't that happy with us...I won't go into details for your guys sake :)  But don't fret because all is well in my body now.  I feel completly fine now.  

One thing that is boggling my mind is the fact that I hit six months this Saturday. SIX MONTHS. Man that is a crazy thought.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I got on the plane and now I'm 1/4 of the way done? Incredible.  Also, next thursday is transfers and I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving this area because I have been here for about four months. This transfer has been a good one, it was long because of the extra week but it was a good one, though I can say that I am ready to go somewhere else in the vineyard to tend to.  Wonder where I will go....who will my next companion be (he'll be my first one that is younger than me on mission)....who knows, it could be anywhere.

Now, let us get serious here:  yesterday was Church, it went really well.  A recent convert gave a talk during sacrament that I helped him write and he did awesome.  Another cool thing is Corneille...remember me talking about him? He was baptised last month, he's kinda what some people call "the golden investigator"....remember him? Well, I am so blessed.  Yesterday I was able to place my hands upon his head and participate in him receiving the Aaronic Preisthood.  Though I didn't do the actual ordination, it still was such an honor to participate.  Corneille will be a man that I will always remember and I know that he will be the strongest member in the Church!  When I taught him about temples, I asked "Corneille, do you have any questions about temples before we begin?"....His response: "How do I get there?"  My face probably had the biggest smile upon it when he said those words.  This work is just so amazing!!!!

Well, that is all that I have to report on this week.  I saw some more 'africa animals' yesterday as we came out of our dinner appointment.  Bunnies.  Two of them just chillin' in the grass....I'm sure someone owned them, but it was unexpected to see them and funny...I took photos.

Everyone, have an awesome week for me ok, I truly love you all....and you are always in my prayers!

With Love,

Elder Naylor  

Monday, January 17, 2011

John Tanner

Well my friends, here we are again...another week!

I hope that everyone has had a good week and that everything has been going well.

As for me, I'm still working my hardest and facing each day with a positive attitude!

Not much has happened in this past week though, not a lot of stories to tell.

One thing....on Saturday, we missionaries were invited to a lunch at a members house and he asked us to bring along Corneille, the guy that was just baptized a few weeks ago.  That made me happy becuase it is good to see the members befriend new converts.  The lunch was very good and it was nice, right before we left...the man asked if he could show us and Corneille a video off of BYU's website (I think it was there).  It was a video about a man named John Tanner, a early saint of the Church.  I won't go into much detail about the vidoe, but it was so good.  I would suggest you read up about John Tanner and if you can, find the video.  Not sure what it is called.  It is just amazing to see videos about early saints and what they had to do endure and face, but not giving up their faith.  I often ask myself...would I be that strong? Would I travel across the enitre United States for my beliefs? And I've decided I surely would.  No doubt...because I know that this is all true, I would give up my life before I gave up the Gospel.  That is why I'm in South Africa right now and not home.  I'm here to spread this wonderful word...The True Word of Christ.  I know that I could be doing a lot of other things with my life right now, but I could be doing nothing better than this.  I LOVE THIS WORK!!!!

This email will probably be shorter than most, but that's ok, because I have said what I wanted to say!  Just know that I am doing wonderful, though times get rough...I face them hehad on!  Everyone, keep doing the simple things in the Book of Mormon and the standard works, pray continually, GO TO CHURCH and partake of the sacrament.  It is through these things that will help you better understand your purpose and what you need to do. 

I love you all, stay well....I'll be with you shortly!

Love so much,

Elder Naylor

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monkey Town!!

Hello Family and Friends...

Howzit?  First week of the year....quickly gone.  Amazing how that happens!

As for me, I'm doing well.  Not too many complaints.  I wake up each day and work my hardest.  This week I have had to do my best because, well, this area is giving us a little bit of a hard time at the moment, but that's ok.  Trials brings blessings.  We have been doing a lot of finding this week, trying to increase our teaching pool.  Talking to everyone who is anyone....and not all the time they want to talk to us, but we're trying our hardest.  Never giving up! Keep us and this work in your prayers please.

So...Last week I said that we might be going to a place called Monkey Town and well, we went.  It was just pain awesome.  The monkeys roam around the whole park and there is a walkway that is caged in that goies through the park....over 200 monkeys!!!! It was way worth it.  Look for the pictures.

I keep having these moments where I think of how much time I have been out and how much time I have left and it keeps occuring to me: time goes to quick.  I can't believe I'm approaching the six month mark and that I only have 18 months left.  I looked forward to this time in my life for so long and now it's going by in a flash.  I best be making the most of my time!  

I'm sorry if this email seems random, not much happened this past week to write was just a quick week.  Church went well yesterday, I gave the Opening prayer.... :)  It's good to be involved with Church, helps you see the blessings in life.  So whenever anyone asks you to do it no matter how scary it is!  The more you do such things, the better you'll become!  It goes right along with bearing testimony....the more that you do, the stronger it becomes!  Testify and participate!!! 

Our neighbor here has a pet bird that he wheels out in front of his door in the likes to make noises.  This morning I had a lovely conversation with it...I wasn't saying anything, neither was he, we were just exchanging random loud noises.  I'm pretty sure now that my companion and even my neighbors think I'm borderline crazy....but that's ok, because it keeps me in-line.  Another random thing is that Elder Simpson told me this morning that last night he woke up during the night and looked over at me and figured out why I always say my bac hurts....I guess that I sleep in a ball on my side....he said it looks really painful and doesn't know how I do it. 

I just noticed that this keyboard has a "Turbo" button...what the? I pressed it, nothing happened.  Turbo must not mean the same as it does back home.  Maybe when I pressed it, it calls a guy named Turbo to give you a sandwich.....who knows.  As you can tell, I'm in a weird mood and this email is going nowhere (except to you)  So I think that I shall end it.

I love you all....everyone!  Keep listening to music because I'm missing it a lot lately!!!!

You stay classy....planet Earth,

Elder Naylor

P.S. I found a house with the Fantastic Four logo on it...I went nuts and took a picture. I found where they live!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Hello my United!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2011 has been treating you well (despite the fact that you have only known him for 3 days...but relax, you have 362 more days to get to know him. All will be well!!!)

New Years in South Africa as a missionary is different that other years...not much happened.  We had to be inside by five o'clock on Friday night and we didn't do much, just chilled at the flat and then got ready for bed.  Elder Simpson fell asleep long before I did.  At 12:00, I quietly told myself happy new year and rolled over and went to bed. Talk about FUN!  But really, it was/is a good way to spend the transistion from 2010 to 2011.  I am enjoying mission ever so much and each day brings me new experiances and memories, the only sad part is that time goes by too quickly here.  One moment I'm waking up for the day, next thing you know I have a tooth brush in my mouth as I prepare for bed....cra-zay in my nay-zay!!!!!

New years day was just about productive as a duck floating with the current.  It was a very lazy day, for we couldn't drive or go see anyone.  So we spent the day just hanging around our flat.  I took some good naps, baked some chicken and potatoes for us to eat at lunch and well, that was about it.  One thing that was cool was that I was able to wear jeans and a t-shirt the WHOLE day.  Talk about comfort right there.  And to make things better, it was my Matches t-shirt.....I wear it with pride.  Overall though, it was a good day....I enjoyed it, but I'm glad that the holidays are over and that everything is going back to normal....everyone's been gone on holidays and not wanting to listen to us.  

My spirits are high as I look at this coming year, I'm ready to embrace it full force!  This year will be a good one and I feel it will go by quick as well.  I hope that you are all doing well and staying healthy as ever!!!  OH, I guess I should talk about this previous week eh?  Not much happened, we had some training on Thursday which was nice because it always rekindles that missionary flame that is burning within me.  I finished the Book of Mormon this past week....felt good, only took me five months to get through.  Now I get to do my favorite part....start it again!!  I learn so much by reading the scriptures, exspecially the Book of Mormon.  I understand my purpose in this life and life to come and can feel my Heavenly Father's love as I read.  I have been fancinated with Moroni's account in Mormon 8 and 9, he had such great courage and strength to do the things he did.  If you get the chance, go read those chapters and think about how Moroni felt, being all alone, having no one.  That I respect....never giving up.  It's something we all need to incorporate in our lives. 

Well I also feel that I should tell you guys what I do on P-days...not much really...isn't too much to do here on mondays.  Last monday we went to Stellonbosch and ate lunch up there.  Today we are going to look at a place called Monkey Town....sounds fun eh? I'll report back on how it was, hopefully with pictures!

Family, Friends....stay with good cheer, you are always in my thoughts.  I truly love all of you, for all that you have done for me as I have grown from a child to a manchild( I'm not ready to say I'm a man yet :) ).  Have a fabulous week and when the times get cold, just remember that I'm by white sandy beaches each day feeling the warmth of the African Sun.  haha.
Well, hope these words hold you off for one more week!

That's all folks!

Elder Naylor