Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wild Animals of South Africa!!

Well, here I am again, writing all you lovely people an email.  This one will probably be short because there isn't much to report on, the week was well.  Nothing big happened but nothing small happened either, just another week in South Africa.  

One thing that happened that is in a negative light is that I (and Elder Simpson) got some sort of sickness this past week.  Nothing huge because we were still both able to work, it's just that our stomachs weren't that happy with us...I won't go into details for your guys sake :)  But don't fret because all is well in my body now.  I feel completly fine now.  

One thing that is boggling my mind is the fact that I hit six months this Saturday. SIX MONTHS. Man that is a crazy thought.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I got on the plane and now I'm 1/4 of the way done? Incredible.  Also, next thursday is transfers and I'm pretty sure I'll be leaving this area because I have been here for about four months. This transfer has been a good one, it was long because of the extra week but it was a good one, though I can say that I am ready to go somewhere else in the vineyard to tend to.  Wonder where I will go....who will my next companion be (he'll be my first one that is younger than me on mission)....who knows, it could be anywhere.

Now, let us get serious here:  yesterday was Church, it went really well.  A recent convert gave a talk during sacrament that I helped him write and he did awesome.  Another cool thing is Corneille...remember me talking about him? He was baptised last month, he's kinda what some people call "the golden investigator"....remember him? Well, I am so blessed.  Yesterday I was able to place my hands upon his head and participate in him receiving the Aaronic Preisthood.  Though I didn't do the actual ordination, it still was such an honor to participate.  Corneille will be a man that I will always remember and I know that he will be the strongest member in the Church!  When I taught him about temples, I asked "Corneille, do you have any questions about temples before we begin?"....His response: "How do I get there?"  My face probably had the biggest smile upon it when he said those words.  This work is just so amazing!!!!

Well, that is all that I have to report on this week.  I saw some more 'africa animals' yesterday as we came out of our dinner appointment.  Bunnies.  Two of them just chillin' in the grass....I'm sure someone owned them, but it was unexpected to see them and funny...I took photos.

Everyone, have an awesome week for me ok, I truly love you all....and you are always in my prayers!

With Love,

Elder Naylor  

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