Thursday, May 24, 2012


Bet cha all thought that I wasn't going to email this week eh?

Well I get to email today because on monday I was in CAPE TOWN. Yep that's right, I got to go to the Mother City.
My second home.

We flew out Sunday night because it was Zone Leader Council this week. All the Zone Leaders from all over the mission came down for an epic three days. A lot of my transfer are zone leaders so it was a great reunion of some great people. We got in late on Sunday and stayed the night with some Cape Town Zone Leaders then Monday morning we all met at the office for the activity. It was great walking back in the office, everyone was happy to see me and I was glad to see them too! As soon as I walked in I actually got asked to help with some things and ended taking care of a few things that I felt great.  The Pday activity was a hike with President and Sister Wood on a trail called was a nice hike, we stopped halfway and president gave us a little devotional and inspirational thoughts. After the hike we went back to the office for lunch and then we split up into two played sports and the other went ya can't guess what group I was a part of? In fact I was the one driving the van to way was I going to play sport unless it had four wheels haha. The next day was full of instruction and discussion.  We went over the vision of the mission and what we need to work on and leadership instruction from President. We started at nine and ended at was a long, but amazing, spiritual day. I loved every second of it! Elder Simpson (a zone Leader) and Elder Pearson (current office elder) were both there and it was great to catch up with them. Oh and by the way, I ate so much food I can't even think was an incredible three days.  We got back yesterday afternoon and right from the airport went to work with appointments...we both were very tired last night but it was worth it all!

As for other things, Baxolele was baptized! It was a great service and he was very much ready. He had asked me to baptize him and it was a great spiritual experience to use the Priesthood of God that He has entrusted me with. Baxolele is going to make an amazing member. One of his first things he said to me after Church on sunday is "when you see me again, I need to know about the priesthood." Powerful young man. I LOVE MISSION!!!!

Alright, well that is my update for the week. Things are going well. Elder Giles and I are getting along well together and I think that this leg of my mission will be one of my most memorable ones.



Good morning son, I am a bird in a brown polyester shirt

Want some fries?

Maybe a coke?

The roast beef combo is only 9.95.

Hello everybody!

I don't have much to say this week due to me calling home last night. That was great bytheway, so great to hear from every one and how they are doing!!!

The only thing that I have to report on this week is that Boxolele is going to be baptized this saturday and I am so excited! He is way powerful and he truly has had a great conversion. He said how he felt the spirit while reading the Book of Mormon the other day...he then tapped the book and said "ah...that book" as he smiled. OH how I love to see people progress!

Another great thing that happened this week was last night. The BYU Young Ambassadors stopped through East London for a fireside and it was so powerful! They are amazing singers and gave some great talks! 

Sorr yfor the short updates everyone! 

Have a great week!



Transfer time!

This week Elder Davenport goes back to the woods of Idaho and I'm left here to continue the work of the Lord. I'm kinda nervous about these next couple's my last sprint but I'm sure that I'll do well. This wednesday I get a new companion...his name is Elder Giles. I've only met him like once at the beginning of my mission so I don't know too much about him. I don't think there will be any problems though. I know that he has also served in Mthatha. Hmm, my last companion probably. Mind Blown.

As for the work this side, we are keeping pretty busy. Things are going really well and I'm enjoying this area a lot. We had a great visit with a lady named Zoe this last saturday. Her cousin is a less active member and Zoe hasn't been part of a church for years.  She really enjoys our visits and we finally committed her to come to Church and she did! She brought her little ones and they all loved it! I have some high hopes for this lady. We are also teaching her sister but she isn't as interested though her young boy came to church all by himself on sunday...surprised us both! Hopefully he'll give good reports to his mom and we can get her to start coming!  IN other news, Baxolele is going a long great. He soaks up everything we share and is so excited to be baptized. The only problem is he has to work a lot on sundays and that might hinder him but besides that, he's the strongest investigator that I've seen!

Oh and guess what is happening? A movie by the name of The Avengers came out and it seems that everyone is talking about it. KILLS ME. I literally plug my ears everytime it is brought up. It will not be spoiled for me! 

I love this work, it's just so great to be a missionary.  It's all true and I know that God lives. 

Keep on keepin' on people.