Thursday, May 24, 2012


Transfer time!

This week Elder Davenport goes back to the woods of Idaho and I'm left here to continue the work of the Lord. I'm kinda nervous about these next couple's my last sprint but I'm sure that I'll do well. This wednesday I get a new companion...his name is Elder Giles. I've only met him like once at the beginning of my mission so I don't know too much about him. I don't think there will be any problems though. I know that he has also served in Mthatha. Hmm, my last companion probably. Mind Blown.

As for the work this side, we are keeping pretty busy. Things are going really well and I'm enjoying this area a lot. We had a great visit with a lady named Zoe this last saturday. Her cousin is a less active member and Zoe hasn't been part of a church for years.  She really enjoys our visits and we finally committed her to come to Church and she did! She brought her little ones and they all loved it! I have some high hopes for this lady. We are also teaching her sister but she isn't as interested though her young boy came to church all by himself on sunday...surprised us both! Hopefully he'll give good reports to his mom and we can get her to start coming!  IN other news, Baxolele is going a long great. He soaks up everything we share and is so excited to be baptized. The only problem is he has to work a lot on sundays and that might hinder him but besides that, he's the strongest investigator that I've seen!

Oh and guess what is happening? A movie by the name of The Avengers came out and it seems that everyone is talking about it. KILLS ME. I literally plug my ears everytime it is brought up. It will not be spoiled for me! 

I love this work, it's just so great to be a missionary.  It's all true and I know that God lives. 

Keep on keepin' on people.



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