Monday, April 30, 2012

Two birds on a wire. . . . .

Hello all.

I don't have much to report with this past week. Things have been just going well.

The highlight of the week would have to be Baxolele. He is just progressing so quickly. We taught him the Word of Wisdom this past week and he said that he didn't have a single problem with's rare to find a nonmember here that doesn't smoke or drink. AND he said that a few months ago he got this weird feeling that he needed to quite drinking coffee. This guy is just the definition of awesome. He's pretty exited to be getting baptized and so are we! 

In other news, Elder Davenport and I took a road trip out to a small town called Grahamstown. Lovely little place, I was almost jealous that I never got to serve there.  We went there for exchanges and had a great time with the Elders out there. Every thursday, they have a bible study class at the local university, Rhodes University and we were able to attend that and it was a great way to do finding. It was strange though to go to a bible study class on a wouldn't see that much in the states.  I grabbed some cool photos but sadly I don't have my card reader to attach them. Another time.

In other other news, I am well. This coming week is pretty much booked. We are really busy. We are going out to Port Alfred on Thursday for an exchange, another place I'm excited to see. 
I hope that everyone is well. I am grateful for those that email me each week, it's great to hear from you even though I don't respond much via letter or whatever means you expect a response. Please keep the emails coming! and send a letter or two!!!!

Have a great week!


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