Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Haircut, Cake, and Pictures!!

Well, another week down. Can you believe it?

I'm here and well and doing fine and happy and smiling and laughing and enjoying this part of my life.

As I mentioned last week, it was transfers and just like I thought....I stayed in Bellville. And my companion? It stayed the same as well...Elder Nielsen.  Looks like we get to keep doing some good work together in this part of the world.  And boy do we have some good things ahead of us.

This week we met with a part member family named the Botha's.  The mother is a member and her kids have never been baptized because the father was against it, but now they are old enough and have decided that they want to decide for themselves if all this stuff is true.  The boy is named Micheal and he is 20 years old, going to university to be something with construction.  The girl is Michelle and she is 17 years old, still in high school.  They both are really wanting to be baptized...we met with them last night and gave them a baptism date for the last sunday in  April.  Micheal responded with "As in this year?" haha, we all had a good laugh about that but yes, this year as in next month!!! It's really great to be working with them and preparing them for this major step in their life. I'm excited.
So that was the major highlight of the work pertaining to missionary work.

In other aspects of my life, last monday we went to Green Market Square which is in Central Cape Town.  Man, I love city life...it was so exciting to be in Cape Town...very beautiful city...I wish I could explore it more!  Green Market Square is a place where a bunch of merchants are selling souvenirs...mostly African things. Nothing caught my eye, meaning I didn't buy anything, It was still fun to go and look at all the stuff.

Another cool thing that happened this week is that I let Elder Nielsen give me a haircut. It didn't turn out that bad though it was shorter than we both imagined.  I haven't had it this short in YEARS.  It's nice I guess...I might just keep it like this for a while, we'll see. So that's the news in the hair department :)

Our car has been having some trouble lately...A/C went out and the coolant has been leaking.  We have been keeping it cool with water until the shop will look at the car on wednesday....they won't look at it on the spot, you need an appointment.

I finally got around to making my birthday cake!!! I have been so busy lately...but I finally did it! It turned out wonderful and tastes wonderful!!! Thanks!!!

Well, I think that is all I can think of.  

I love you.

You're the best.

Elder Naylor

Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, it's another week yet again! Today is the start of a new transfer...my sixth one.  I'm sure on transfer news yet because we don't get that until tomorrow...you'll find out next week but it will probably be nothing big because I'm 99.9% sure I'm staying in Bellville another transfer.  Speaking of Bellville, it is on fire right now!!! We have some good people that are really accepting the gospel!  I feel that by the end of this transfer, bellville will be getting at least three baptisms!
As I told you guys last week, I climbed table mountain.  It killed me!  It's climbing steep stairs for three hours!  I was about to give up half way but I tried my hardest...it just proves how out of shape I am!!! The view was way worth it though! And I met people from all around the world! Germany, Netherlands, Australia, China...you name it, I met them!!!!  Cape Town is such a beautiful city, I wnat to explore it more but I do need to focus on the work first and then enjoy the world! 
Any other news?  Well,that Reon Fick guy I mentioned before (I think), he's just golden.  He's a way cool guy and is progressing so quickly!  I'm excited to be working with him and hlping him understand everything!!!!
I have a bad itch lately...an itch to longboard...I miss it so so so bad!!!! It's killing me! If someone has any suggestions let me know okay?
Today we are going to a place called green market square...A cool place for some cool african stuff...maybe I'll get you guys some stuff!!!
I'm not really sure what more to say...My week was good and I'm pretty excited for this next transfer...a lot of things will be happening.
Know that I'm doing awesome and that I love you all....
Till next time,
ELder Naylor
PS>>I'll send pictures next week...I'm low on time. Sorry

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Climbing Table Mountain

Hello my fellow earthlings, I hope that your week has been good. Mine has been pretty splendid.
I don't have much time today for I have accepted a great challenge.
Today I am Climbing Table Mountain.
that's right, the icon of cape town,
and me being the icon of the world...things are going to be interesting!
this week for me has been pretty good, no awesome-splendid stories for you except I recieved a lovely package from CHELSEA!
So to that, Thank you ma deer!
My second journal is filling up pretty quickly, many stories are held within there and I'm excited for the day when I get to send it home...but first I need to get my new journals...soon right?  It's in the hands of the postal service...Ben Gibbard, get me my package!!!!! (props to any that get that connection)
Well, I guess I can think of one cool story for the week...I went on splits on saturday with the Zone leaders...those two are funny.  I worked with Elder Anderson...he's a great missionary that I learned much from and hope that I can take those things and put them into my teachings. 
Another Story is of a man....named Reon.  HE's a white guy that came to church yesterday...we have never met him before but he wants to meet with us and learn more!! He has much promise! He works as an airplane engineer I think...really cool guy...maybe in his late twenties or younger?
What else.  I keep getting a desire to shave my head short but it's something that I don't dare to try on mission because what if it looks wierd..so when I get back, I'm going to buzz my head...just once to say I did. ( I know I have done it before but that was when I was young)
Friends...family....others, I'm sorry that this email is short.  I do love you guys, know that and I'll be back next week to report!!!


Elder Naylor

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello Family!!!!! and friends.
I hope that you have had a wonderful week because I have!
Last night when we reported stats we reported...get this...12 new investigators, 12!!!!!!
We don't know why or how, but these last two weeks, the work has just taken off, we are becoming quite busy!!!!
I'm really excited to start working with all of these people, a lot of them have much potential, all they need to do is have the faith and let Heavenly Father guide them to get the answers that they need.  One person that I would like to talk about is Loren Lee....a 19 year old boy.  He truly thinks that we were sent to him from God and that there is something that we have that he needs to follow.  He was a little hesitant about the Book of Mormon but he understood that he needed to read it to figure out if it is true or not.  We have a follow meeting with him tomorrow, so hopefully it goes all well.  Loren Lee is studying to be a professional actor and has dreams of going to California and work in Hollywood...maybe I found my connection to fame!
We had stake conference yesterday and it was really good, a lot of great speakers gave wonderful talks about faith.  The stake president even asked President and Sister Probst to give talks and they both bore wonderful testimonies!! Don't know what I will do when they go home in July!!!
The work is really moving forward here in Bellville, I can truly see the hand of the Lord here.  The stake President said that we only need 200 more converts in Cape town to split the stake...more stakes means a chance of a temple!!! (Think you need five stakes for a temple). So keep this part of the world in your prayers that the work can move forward with incredible speed!!!

As for me, I'm doing wonderful...no complaints.  At stake conference, I saw some people from my last area and they all said they miss me so much and want me to come back haha...I guess I left my mark in Strand eh? It made me happy to see that I have helped others with their faith.
Well, Stay strong everyone...I love you all!!!!
Elder Naylor