Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello Family!!!!! and friends.
I hope that you have had a wonderful week because I have!
Last night when we reported stats we reported...get this...12 new investigators, 12!!!!!!
We don't know why or how, but these last two weeks, the work has just taken off, we are becoming quite busy!!!!
I'm really excited to start working with all of these people, a lot of them have much potential, all they need to do is have the faith and let Heavenly Father guide them to get the answers that they need.  One person that I would like to talk about is Loren Lee....a 19 year old boy.  He truly thinks that we were sent to him from God and that there is something that we have that he needs to follow.  He was a little hesitant about the Book of Mormon but he understood that he needed to read it to figure out if it is true or not.  We have a follow meeting with him tomorrow, so hopefully it goes all well.  Loren Lee is studying to be a professional actor and has dreams of going to California and work in Hollywood...maybe I found my connection to fame!
We had stake conference yesterday and it was really good, a lot of great speakers gave wonderful talks about faith.  The stake president even asked President and Sister Probst to give talks and they both bore wonderful testimonies!! Don't know what I will do when they go home in July!!!
The work is really moving forward here in Bellville, I can truly see the hand of the Lord here.  The stake President said that we only need 200 more converts in Cape town to split the stake...more stakes means a chance of a temple!!! (Think you need five stakes for a temple). So keep this part of the world in your prayers that the work can move forward with incredible speed!!!

As for me, I'm doing complaints.  At stake conference, I saw some people from my last area and they all said they miss me so much and want me to come back haha...I guess I left my mark in Strand eh? It made me happy to see that I have helped others with their faith.
Well, Stay strong everyone...I love you all!!!!
Elder Naylor

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