Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Climbing Table Mountain

Hello my fellow earthlings, I hope that your week has been good. Mine has been pretty splendid.
I don't have much time today for I have accepted a great challenge.
Today I am Climbing Table Mountain.
that's right, the icon of cape town,
and me being the icon of the world...things are going to be interesting!
this week for me has been pretty good, no awesome-splendid stories for you except I recieved a lovely package from CHELSEA!
So to that, Thank you ma deer!
My second journal is filling up pretty quickly, many stories are held within there and I'm excited for the day when I get to send it home...but first I need to get my new journals...soon right?  It's in the hands of the postal service...Ben Gibbard, get me my package!!!!! (props to any that get that connection)
Well, I guess I can think of one cool story for the week...I went on splits on saturday with the Zone leaders...those two are funny.  I worked with Elder Anderson...he's a great missionary that I learned much from and hope that I can take those things and put them into my teachings. 
Another Story is of a man....named Reon.  HE's a white guy that came to church yesterday...we have never met him before but he wants to meet with us and learn more!! He has much promise! He works as an airplane engineer I think...really cool guy...maybe in his late twenties or younger?
What else.  I keep getting a desire to shave my head short but it's something that I don't dare to try on mission because what if it looks when I get back, I'm going to buzz my head...just once to say I did. ( I know I have done it before but that was when I was young), I'm sorry that this email is short.  I do love you guys, know that and I'll be back next week to report!!!


Elder Naylor

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