Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, it's another week yet again! Today is the start of a new sixth one.  I'm sure on transfer news yet because we don't get that until'll find out next week but it will probably be nothing big because I'm 99.9% sure I'm staying in Bellville another transfer.  Speaking of Bellville, it is on fire right now!!! We have some good people that are really accepting the gospel!  I feel that by the end of this transfer, bellville will be getting at least three baptisms!
As I told you guys last week, I climbed table mountain.  It killed me!  It's climbing steep stairs for three hours!  I was about to give up half way but I tried my just proves how out of shape I am!!! The view was way worth it though! And I met people from all around the world! Germany, Netherlands, Australia, name it, I met them!!!!  Cape Town is such a beautiful city, I wnat to explore it more but I do need to focus on the work first and then enjoy the world! 
Any other news?  Well,that Reon Fick guy I mentioned before (I think), he's just golden.  He's a way cool guy and is progressing so quickly!  I'm excited to be working with him and hlping him understand everything!!!!
I have a bad itch itch to longboard...I miss it so so so bad!!!! It's killing me! If someone has any suggestions let me know okay?
Today we are going to a place called green market square...A cool place for some cool african stuff...maybe I'll get you guys some stuff!!!
I'm not really sure what more to say...My week was good and I'm pretty excited for this next transfer...a lot of things will be happening.
Know that I'm doing awesome and that I love you all....
Till next time,
ELder Naylor
PS>>I'll send pictures next week...I'm low on time. Sorry

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