Monday, January 10, 2011

Monkey Town!!

Hello Family and Friends...

Howzit?  First week of the year....quickly gone.  Amazing how that happens!

As for me, I'm doing well.  Not too many complaints.  I wake up each day and work my hardest.  This week I have had to do my best because, well, this area is giving us a little bit of a hard time at the moment, but that's ok.  Trials brings blessings.  We have been doing a lot of finding this week, trying to increase our teaching pool.  Talking to everyone who is anyone....and not all the time they want to talk to us, but we're trying our hardest.  Never giving up! Keep us and this work in your prayers please.

So...Last week I said that we might be going to a place called Monkey Town and well, we went.  It was just pain awesome.  The monkeys roam around the whole park and there is a walkway that is caged in that goies through the park....over 200 monkeys!!!! It was way worth it.  Look for the pictures.

I keep having these moments where I think of how much time I have been out and how much time I have left and it keeps occuring to me: time goes to quick.  I can't believe I'm approaching the six month mark and that I only have 18 months left.  I looked forward to this time in my life for so long and now it's going by in a flash.  I best be making the most of my time!  

I'm sorry if this email seems random, not much happened this past week to write was just a quick week.  Church went well yesterday, I gave the Opening prayer.... :)  It's good to be involved with Church, helps you see the blessings in life.  So whenever anyone asks you to do it no matter how scary it is!  The more you do such things, the better you'll become!  It goes right along with bearing testimony....the more that you do, the stronger it becomes!  Testify and participate!!! 

Our neighbor here has a pet bird that he wheels out in front of his door in the likes to make noises.  This morning I had a lovely conversation with it...I wasn't saying anything, neither was he, we were just exchanging random loud noises.  I'm pretty sure now that my companion and even my neighbors think I'm borderline crazy....but that's ok, because it keeps me in-line.  Another random thing is that Elder Simpson told me this morning that last night he woke up during the night and looked over at me and figured out why I always say my bac hurts....I guess that I sleep in a ball on my side....he said it looks really painful and doesn't know how I do it. 

I just noticed that this keyboard has a "Turbo" button...what the? I pressed it, nothing happened.  Turbo must not mean the same as it does back home.  Maybe when I pressed it, it calls a guy named Turbo to give you a sandwich.....who knows.  As you can tell, I'm in a weird mood and this email is going nowhere (except to you)  So I think that I shall end it.

I love you all....everyone!  Keep listening to music because I'm missing it a lot lately!!!!

You stay classy....planet Earth,

Elder Naylor

P.S. I found a house with the Fantastic Four logo on it...I went nuts and took a picture. I found where they live!!!!

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