Monday, June 13, 2011


Dear family and friends,
Well, another week has come and gone and so much has happened.
No longer am I in Bellville...which was quite sad for me.  I will really miss that place, some good times and people are there.
Now, as I've stated in other emails sent to certain people, I am serving in the South Africa Cape Town mission office.
It is a strange transistion because I went from being out and constantly doing missionary work to working behind a desk most of the day.
It's a weird change but it is one that I am enjoying a lot.
My new area is Cape Town itself. So look mom, you got your wish of me serving in the actual city that my mission is named after.
The office I think will be a good learning experience for me, for it will allow me to see how the mission works behind the scenes...which is a lot more than I thought.
My first few days here in the office were kind of crazy...learning everything all over again, I feel like a greenie again!
But slowly I'm learning and getting everything down.
I work in the office from eight in the morning until five at night and then we go out into the area.
It is really tiring.
Elder Balmforth (my new companion) put it a funny way: "Feels like I have a full time job and then when I get done, I have to go do home teaching until nine!"
haha...he's great and I'm really excited to work with him because he has a lot of fire and we hope to move this area into a great position for future missionaries.
One thing that I really love about this new area is the boarding.  It is amazing.
It used to be a senior couple flat but now they are letting us use it for now.
It has a full bath, full kitchen, full size living room, and a hallway...A HALLWAY! haha
It is a real step up from the flat that I was in before...that was tiny.
A thing that I find quite odd.  Do you guys receive my emails? I've emailed a few of you guys multiple times since I've been in the office and it seems that nobody is acknowledging that I'm sending emails! haha. I really hope you guys do realize I am almost ALWAYS by a computer now and I'm able to check my email everyday (we have permission). Just thought I would make that note because I would like some acknowledgement that you guys are getting my emails. 
OH, yesterday was sunday and I got to go to my new ward.  It's in Mowbray and it's at the oldest Chapel the church owns in South feels cool to go to a place with such history!
I love all of you and hope you have a great week! Drop me an email this week so I have stuff to put a smile on my face as I work about the office.
Elder Naylor

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