Monday, May 30, 2011

I thought the Rockies would be a little bit more rockier.

Yeah that John Denver is full......know that movie?

Anyways, here I am again!  Miss me yet?

Yesterday I hit the ten month mark on mission. 10 MONTHS, can you believe it?

Well, this past week was a pretty good week.  We went from having pretty much no one with a baptism date to now having two!  The new person is named Nthambi (N-Tam-bee) she is a great lady, has a boy about 11 years old.  She asks so many questions and just eats up everything we tell and give her.  She came to church yesterday and just loved it.  It feels great to have a solid investigator!  Too bad she will probably be getting baptized next month so I probably won't be here.  

I've been doing just dandy this past week. I've officially decided that I like short hair and will probably always have it...buzzed budd for the rest of my life!  

I want to tell you about jose...he's a kitten that lives by our flat and always runs out when we are leaving and is very playful.  The other day we were going up the stairs to our flat when we heard his bell.  We looked over the edge to find him trying to climbing a small tree trying to get up to us.  We have sure grown to love this little cat.  Strange huh? haha. 

What else has happened in the life of Elder Naylor?

I don't think I mentioned this...if I did, then it's a repeat.  I longboarded a few weeks ago!!! It was amazing!!! I found some kids with a board and asked them, and they let me.  It was fun though I was in my suit and my dress shoes felt awkward...need to start having a pair of vans on me at all times!!!!

I hope that everyone is having a great day, I am for sure.

I'm sorry not much post has come from me...I'm working on it. I really am. days just go by so quick here!


ELDER Naylor

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