Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is it that I do??

Okay, so I thought that I would be nice to you guys and write an email this week.
You can thank me later.

So things here have been crazy but good, office life is much different than proselyting life. Much different.

So as I have mentioned before, we had a transition of mission presidents so I have been kept plenty busy with that.
It was really sad to see President and Sister Probst go, I have grown to love them so much over the coarse of the past year.
They brought me a new outlook to the gospel, to put a more eternal aspect on everything. I've learned from the Probst how important it is to account to the Lord with everything that you do, to really involve Him in your life.  I have learned how important it is to have revelation in these days and times and that Christ is really leading this Church.  Another thing I learned is the importance of an eternal companion. President Probst is the best example of a humble man that honors and respects his wife.  They have taught me so much...still sad to think that they are really gone.

But the Lord needs them somewhere else. And needs the Woods here now.

So onto the Woods, a wonderful couple from Fairbanks Alaska where "many are cold, but few are frozen" (he's told that joke a lot now)
I'm really excited to see the direction that President Wood takes this mission.  I'll let you know little bit more about him as I spend more time with him.
So far, I love them and I think I will really enjoy serving around them.

Even though we are always in the office, we have been having some success out in the field.  We found a man named Moses, and all that live with him.  He's from Zimbabwe and it's great to teach him because he understands what we say and hopefully will progress as we visit more.

The ward here is wonderful, full of people that just love the Gospel and are really just engaged with their testimonies which is something we all need to do!

Lastly....I guess I should focus on something that someone has been bugging me about lately :) so here's an answer:

     What is it that I do all day in the office?
          I get there about eight in the morning each day. The mornings are somewhat slow but it's nice.
          My duties are as followed:
                                                Cell phones, I replace broken phones, check the phone bill, check contracts..all that good stuff
                                                Baptism records, I bug missionaries to get their records in the day after the baptism so I can enter them into the computer
                                                Post, I get to go to the famous PO Box 181 each day and pick up post. Then at the office I sort it all
                                                         Also with post, I send it out to the areas each tuesday
                                                Travel, you travel within SACTM, I book it. 
                                                Orders, I make sure missionaries get the supplies they need
                                                President Wood's driver when he goes to the airport
                                                And the newsletter each transfer.
                      My title? I'm not sure...think someone once said "Office Manager" but I doubt it. Just call me "Office Elder"

So that is what I do everyday, still getting trained to know how to do things so I don't necessarily do all that yet..but soon.  It's fun and I really enjoy it.  

Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA! Doesn't feel like July 4th, I'm sitting here with the heater on trying to stay warm! haha
A good thing though: we have an American couple in the ward here and they invited us for dinner tonight to celebrate.  She asked if we could bring a favorite American dessert for the South Africans that will be there can try it....we'll see what we come up with. We're thinking rice krispy treats because those are unknown here...the thing is is that it is hard to find plain marshmallows...all they have is flavored ones. (maybe a coconut flavored rice krispy will be nice? We'll see.)


Have fun and stay strong my family and friends,

Elder Naylor

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