Monday, August 22, 2011

Here from the Dust!

I bet you guys thought I was dead.

It's been a while, huh?

Things have been, well, kinda crazy here in the bottom of the world.

I work everyday in the office...9to5. I'm quite good (if I dare to say) at what I do now, I know all the tricks of the office!

I am really enjoying my time here, though it is really different, I am learning a lot about this work and myself.

Allow me to explain.

First, it is crazy how much behind the scene stuff goes on in this Church just to make it run the way it does. It's incredible.  I never really realized what the General Authorities and Auxiliaries give up in order for us to have everything that we have in the Church. It's a lot.  Be thankful for all the work that goes in just so you can go sit in a chapel each sunday and have the sacrament or go to an activity on a weekday. It's a blessing.

Second, I'm learning so much about me! I'm realizing how unhealthy I really am....something I'm going to start working on. With me being in the office all day and not getting out much, my body feels it and reacts differently than I would have thought. I feel sluggish and tired a lot now and I have come to the conclusion that it is because of my diet and my non-physical life style.  I AM OUT OF SHAPE my friends. my body is starting to catch up with all the crap I gave it through my teenage years...I'm paying the price for sure! But I'm glad that I am recognizing it now and hopefully I'll kill the beast when it is a infant rather than trying to conquer it when it is fully grown. rawr.

Another thing I have realized is how hard it is to put two people together and have them do separate jobs. Example: I am in charge of the post, which means that once a day I have to go down to the post office and collect all the post. Sometimes it includes paying for parcels and waiting in line..blah blah blah. It's not fun and takes up at least 30 mins...if your quick. But I must do it and I do it joyfully. The only problem is that when I go to get post, I have to have Elder Senyange with me...this sometimes creates a problem because whenever I'm ready to go, he's busy in his work and won't just drop everything to come (i understand...not complaining here). So I wait and wait and wait and wait....sometimes a while before he'll finally come with me. Sometimes I just want to run really fast by myself so I can just get it over with...but I can't. It's the only difficult part but I deal with it and I know it's not Elder Senyange's fault.

There's a rant if you haven't seen one before.

We have been having some success as of late in Mowbray. Since we now have full time missionaries working the area, it has made the ward really excited to move the work. Elder Simpson (a greenie to the mission, he's in my district) said the other day that he can't remember a time when a member wasn't at a lesson with them. Talk about awesome. I have a great district! By the way, I am really enjoying being District Leader though sometimes it can be hectic with the office responsibilities as well.

This past weekend was Africa-wide Mormon Helping Hands...which was really fun. Last year when it happened, it was my first saturday out in the field. The next one....I won't be here for. Time is FLYING.

Well, I hope that you all enjoy this update from me, theELDERNAYLOR. He misses you all and he misses post as well. (It's pretty much non-existent now. But I know I should be writing people more too.)

Hope that you have a great day and that all is well back on the homefront.

loves and hugs!


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