Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi, I'm Elder Naylor....remember me?

Yep, I kind disapeared there for a bit...didn't I?

Well, things happened and I'm now not fully in the office anymore (still go in for a few hours a day just to finish up training people) so I should be back to my weekly emailing, so that means a lot more updates from this part of the world, from this guy.

My companion right now is Elder Parry from Whales...we get along a little too well but we work really well together and we have been working hard in just the past week that we have been serving together.  Some people say that he looks like Mr. Bean...and kinda acts like him in some sense, so go figure that we would get along. We spent most part of the other day acting like people with italian accents... the members that we went to visit thought we had gone bonkers!!! I have a feeling that these next few weeeks are going to be fantastic!

We found someone that may turn out to be a golden...His name is Stocklyn. He lives in Camps Bay (google it, it's a pretty cool place.) He is a servant for this really rich guy that stays in this big house. Stocklyn lives in a small room by the garage. He is really smart and the other night when we commited him to baptism, he said "With no hesitation. Can we do it right now?" His uncle was a member and tried to get him to join the church years ago but wouldn' his uncle has passed, he thinks there is a reason why he ran into us that one day...he went off on a huge testimony thing how incredible it was how we met him. (Elder Parry and Elder Simpson helped him move a mattress one day when they were stopping by a members house)  I'm really excited to see him progress.  We also had some other success with another guy. This man sells books on the street in downtown cape town and we had talked to him a few times and the last time, we asked him to come to chuch and he flat out said that he couldn't because he needs the money he makes on selling his books on sunday. Well, we went off on how he needs to exercise his faith in jesus christ how how important it is to show that faith.He agreed...probably just to get us to lay off him. We set up an appointment with him for saturday night and off we went. Well saturday rolls around and we are trying to find where this guy lives and just can' the time we finally do find him, it's too late and we have to reschedule with him for another day, but before we left we once again commited him to church...once again he gave the same excuse.  but he said yes.  So sunday comes around and we didn't think about him coming but there I'm am sitting in the back of the chapel during sacrament and low and behold....he walks in! Made me so happy! Before he left after church, we thanked him for exercising his faith and coming to church...we have an appointment with him this week...we'll see how things go.

What else is happening?

I saw some downhill longboarders yesterday and followed them going down a steep hill in heavy traffic (THAT'S REAL SMART)...once at the bottom I made Elder Parry pull the car over and I got out to talk to them. They were rude though and kinda ignored me....oh well, it was cool seeing a longboard!!!!!

I'm really enjoying serving in the heart of cape town...way cool area, so much to see and so many people!  Oh....I found a subway in cape town and ate lunch there the other was good but just not the same as home. Miss the five dollar footlongs.  The guy at the till asked me where I was from and I said Utah and he responded with "Oh, mormon country right?"  Sure thing....I guesss?

Sorry no photos...don't have a card reader or a cable....maybe another time.

Love you all!!!


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