Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello all!

Here is another week here in the Mother City of Cape Town! Things have been going well, Elder parry and I are the busiest we have ever been on our missions and we are just having a grand ol' time!  This past week has been full of some great appointments and great people.  The only downside to the whole week was the fact that only one investigator came to church yesterday, but that is okay, we'll keep pushing along.

We had an appointment with Stocklyn on saturday and we gave him the Book of Mormon, he seems eager to keep learning...it has been great visiting with him.  He seems to have the most potential out of most of the people that we see.  The other guy, Sylvain is doing pretty good.  We were unable to have a good appointment with him this week but we did go and see him at his book stand in downtown.  We stopped by his house last night to see how he was and he was a little startled that we were there...he said "I never have anyone visit me..." I think we are earning the trust of him!  

Another neat story was on Saturday we talked to a confused Jewish lady that has been reading the New Testament and just trying to figure things out.  We gave her a Book of Mormon to read and hopefully she'll read it and give us a call (she wasn't too keen on giving us her details due to her husband being pretty strict with being a Jew)

Elder Parry and I are getting along really well and working incredibly together!  He's a great guy and I think it's because of the great unity that we have that this area is doing so well right now.  Just some great things happening here in Cape Town right now.  

On Saturday night we had to move flats. A Elder was having health problems and his flat had a geyser break and it leaked everywhere...so they had them move into our flat(it is the most clean around) and after they repaired their flat and repainted it...we moved in.  At first I wasn't to happy with having to move again (fourth time in this area) but today we cleaned the whole place and put the furniture the way we like it and now it's not that bad! Hopefully I'll get to live there a little longer to enjoy the hard work I did with cleaning.  

Another thing is that a member let me borrow his guitar and I've been playing around on it for a bit and I wrote a comical song towards Elder Parry on Saturday...he recorded it on his camera(mine was out of memory)...it's called Song of the Lambs....I'll get a copy of it to watch when I come home.

Things are going well and I'm very happy!

This gospel is very true and this is Jesus Christ's one and only true Church on the Earth and I'm so Happy to be a member of it!!!

Have a great week!!!

Sorry yet again no photos...I forgot my card reader at the office...next week!

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