Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss you all but send CANDY

Hello all!!! Monday again?!  I miss you all, I do I do!
This week has been a great week. Not because amazing things happened but just because I was serving the Lord!!!!
I have yet to see general conference but I hear it was great from a few people :)
I'll see it this weekend for sure though.
I've met some great people this past week, a young couple with a baby on the way that are having us for dinner tomorrow, just some great young people that hopefully will accept the Gospel!!

We are going to have a baptism in a couple weeks for Melissa and Micheal Botha, they are progressing really well!!! I might be baptizing them, we'll see though!
They had us over dinner last night, just a wonderful family...and gospel just makes them so much better!!!
Another update is on Reon, he's doing great, progressing pretty well.  He came to church yesterday and highly enjoyed it.  We're just working with some great people lately!!!
I'm doing awesome, got a lovely package this past friday with some goodies in them that are quickly being consumed...thanks Clovis and Kinley!!! Candy is a great thing to receive in a box....just saying. :)
I'm learning a lot out here, almost nine months already?  This time is passing too quickly.
My heart is with you all...have a great week!!!

Elder Naylor.
P.S. I'm doing bad on pictures this week and last....sorry :(

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