Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello one and all, how are you all this week!!!??? Lekker?
Well, for me this week was a weird one...I got sick.
I got some bug in me on Tuesday night and had the flu for about three wasn't fun I tell ya!!!

Luckly on Friday I got post...a package for Easter and a letter from Chelly!!! Yay for letters!!!!
So with that, I don't have much to report on.
Melissa and Micheal got interviewed for baptism and they both passed and this coming sunday they will enter the waters...I'm stoked!!
And they are going to have me do the Baptism...scary but pretty cool...I'm stoked!!! Hopefully everything goes well and wonderful, I'll let you know.
ONe thing that I did this weeked was watch conference, boy it was one of my favorite so far!!!  I have never taken so much out of conference than I did with this one!  My favorite part was the priesthood session, had some of my favorite talks in it....and Pres. Eyring got a little humours there at the beginning of his talk, made me laugh so hard.  ONe talk that I just loved was that of Richard G. Scott,  I always love his talks but for some reason, this one was really great...he really loved his wife and you can see it in his face.
I'm doing much better now and feeling about 98% so that's good...I hope that everyone had a fabulous week and hope that this week will be better.  Next week for me is transfers and that means change...I don't think I'm moving though so We'll see but you won't know for another two weeks haha.
I hope that you know I love you guys!!!!!

Elder naylor

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