Monday, February 14, 2011

Remember Your Love For Brian Naylor Day!

Isn't this just great? Not only is this week Valentines Day, but on Tuesday it is "Remember your love for Brian Naylor day!"
Aren't you all excited? I truly am, I like that birthdays are a personal holiday for everyone!!!

I honestly don't have much to report on this week,  we haven't had too many experiance happen to us.
WE have spent the week doing a lot, I mean A LOT, of finding.  Street contacting and Tracking...we've done it all almost all day everyday,
hopefully we can start seeing the fruit come from this soon!
I have been doing quite well, I'm all adjusted into Bellville, except for finding my way around, but I'm studying the map! If only I had a Garmin!!
It has been somewhat cooler lately and in the morning I wake up with my toes cold, so that is a good sign, I sleep right next to a window that I leave open all night so the cool summer breeze (remember what that is?) comes in and comferts me as I sleep.  It is quite wonderful. 
I want to thank you all right now for the Birthday wishes I should be getting in the post this week....hopefully!  Nothing yet except a card from Grandpa, thanks grandpa!!!
I'm going to apologize right now, I was a bad person this week and I didn't take any photos...been too busy knocking doors and spreading the Gospel to take any, I hope that you guys can understand..l'll take more this week, promise!
What else?  Well there really isn't much that has changed since last week, plus I'm running out of time ....four minutes before the people kick me off the computer! 
I love you all, and never forget the importance of what I am doing: The Lord's Work.  It is the most important thing in the world and everything else comes second to it.  Never forget that.  If you follow the council of modern prophets and even the scriptures, everything else will fall into place.  Stay focused with what you do, everything that you do will be accounted for one day.  Don't be LAZY!!!!
I love you all so so so much!!!

Elder Naylor

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