Monday, February 7, 2011

Coco Puffs!!!!

Well family and friends, it happened....I'm officially not in Somerset west anymore.
I got movied...where to you ask, well I guess that I can be nice and tell you.
Ready? Set? Bellville!!!!!  Yees, I moved to a place called Bellville.  Right outside of Cape Town. So not too far.
It's a good area, not by the beach anymore though so that makes me quite sad...I can handle it though.
Some other news is that I'm senior companion now.  My new companion is named Elder Nielsen and he is from Washington State,  He's a great guy, been out just about five months so not that much younger than me on mission.  This area has a lot of work to be done, we have been tracking almost none stop for the past week.  Hopefully someone is bound to listen.  The ward here is wonderful and I'm excited to work with them more.  The place that I stay now is smaller than my last boarding...a lot smaller!  But it still provides me with a bed and a bathroom and a desk...all I need :)  I sleep now on the top bunk of a bunkbed...haven't done that in a few years!!!!! It's funny because right outside my window is a Jehovah Witness's Kindom Hall...fabulous sight to behold. 
Though I am completely lost with this new area and don't know much with what is going on, I feel that I will learn to love it.  I get to look at table mountain each day so that's a plus right?
For the rest of me, I'm going well.  Mission is just going by too quick!!! Days just go by in a blur and I always wonder: "Where did that day go?"  But that's ok, because that must mean that I'm having fun and working hard right?!
I'm having a reality check with the fact that I'm turning 20 next it really time already? What happened to me being a teenager? Not anymore!!!!  I swear just yesterday I was setting the table for my 19th birthday, what's going on?  haha.   I've been feeling like too much of an adult lately, so a few weeks ago I decided to change my cereal from oats and yogurt to something a little more childish....Coco Puffs!!! Except their mascot is a monkey not a bird.  So every morning I have my kids cereal...sometimes put some chocolate powder in just to make it more chocolatey and sit back and read the back of the box, just like good ol' days!!!!  I feel that I'm still a kid at heart. (my companions think so too when they notice that on my desk I have a nice collection of toys that I regularly play with haha!!!)
Well, besides that news, not much is going on in the life of Elder Naylor.  I miss ya all so much but I have work to do!!!! I hope that you all are doing well and having a fun winter, here it has been so hot that I'm not that chill anymore...(get it? eh? eh?) haha, anyways, yes it has been very hot. around 34-35 celcius each day!!! wowzah!!!
Have a good week, love ya all!!!!! 
Elder Naylor
(the picture is of me and elder simpson, no pictures of Elder Nielsen and I yet...Sorry!)

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