Friday, February 4, 2011

Tire on Fire!!!

Hello family and friends....

Did you have a glorious week?  I hope that you did, how is the cold?  I'll soak up some rays for you and send them your way!!! It has been quite hot here...I'll be coming home way tan...on my arms and half my neck haha.

This week went by in a blur, but that's ok because I enjoyed it.  One story that I would like to share with you is what happened on Saturday:  We had some time between appointments and saw a pillar of smoke in the air.  Now this sight isn't uncommon, people light fields on fire all the time for fun...I don't understand why...they just do.  So we deceided to go check it out.  We arrive there and surely, a field was on fire. Around the fire were about 30 kids, using blankets and branches to try and keep the fire from spreading...surprisingly they were doing quite a good job...good teamwork!!!  Finally, all was out but a tire that was burning quite fiercely.  Kids started trying to put it out, but they had no luck....this is where we come in.  We get out of the car and find a piece of carpet and with teamwork, throw it on the buring tire.  As soon as the carpet covered it, the fire started to go out and all the kids came running up and started beating the tire.  We got it out.  Everyone cheered in Afrikans...I didn't understand but it was a joyice celebration!  We did our deed, on we went to our next appointment.

Another cool story that happened was the Corneille passed the Sacrament for the first time!  He was way nervous but did awesome, it made me so happy to see someone I helped come into the gospel pass the sacrament....what joy it was!

Transfers is this week, I'm for sure leaving Somerset west, where to, I don't know...I don't care though because I'll serve where ever I'm put!!! I also celbrated my sixth month mark by going and eating stake and prawns...yummy!!!!!

Have a great week and keep your spirits high!!! I love you all!!!!

Elder Naylor

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