Friday, February 25, 2011

Week Of Success!!!

Woah, what is up world??? Did you all have a good week? I hope so!
Because I did!!!!
With the last couple months of my mission having it's struggles, I am starting to see the blessings come in!!!!
We had much success this week, found some good people that want to hear the Gospel, and we hope that they will continue to progress and accept the gospel!!!
We aren't sure what brought on this success, but it is coming.  Last week we had more people let us into their home and teach then any other week of the transfer thus far, it is amazing!!! We are still struggling and having the rejections, but at least we have some people to work with and get progressing.
We had a wonderful lesson last night with a guy named Dial, nice guy and has a nice family. They understood everything we taught and at the end we asked him how he felt and he said that lately he has been praying for guidance of what God wants from him...few days later, we show up.  BAM.  He gave the closing prayer at the end of the lesson and prayed full thanks to Heavenly Father for sending us to was quite touching.  Hopefully he'll stay in this attitude and progress further.
I bet y'all are wondering about how my birthday went...well, too be honest, not the best birthdays ever, but it's fine.  All appointments fell through and nobody let us into their's cool though, the rest of the week made up for it!!! The only thing I received in the mail this week was mom's package (On friday)...thanks everyone!!!! and I'll keep looking out for the rest of the stuff everyone says is coming.  I guess I get my birthday wishes all through February!!!
I thank you all for your support that you guys give me, they don't go unnoiticed!!!
If any of you can, pass on word that I want more letters from if you see a friend of mine (facebook or real life) say "Hey there! Send Elder Naylor a note!!! He just can't get enough of them, he's fanatic about 'em!" I love you all, you're the best!!!
Elder Naylor

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