Monday, April 2, 2012

London - East London SA

I always had a desire to serve in the great city of London.

But instead I'm in East London. In South Africa and I'm just fine with that!!!!

I am no longer in Mthatha, I had to say good bye to that wonderful little place on Wednesday and I headed down to East London.

I am very close to my old area, East London 3rd....I am now in East London 2nd ward.  The crazy part is that I am actually living in my old area at the boarding that I slept in for the first couple weeks of my mission!  It's cool to be back at that boarding, with the monkeys and all.  
My companion is Elder Parry. Yes, that same Elder Parry that I served with in Mowbray....we are companions again! Yay! We really enjoyed our time together the first time and it is strange that I am serving with him again because this is the second companion I have served with twice (the other being Elder Davenport, which bytheway, is in my district here.) I'll only be with Elder Parry for about three weeks because he has to go home early due to his visa running out, so halfway through this transfer I'll get another new companion.....probably my last. We'll see though.

Things are great here...I'm back by the ocean, back by some great missionaries and I'm in a great ward with lots and lots of work! Things are really great. Oh...and I'm a Zone Leader. Coooooollllll BEANage. 

Leaving Mthatha was strange....I really liked that area but I was ready to go back to a city where there was lots of missionaries. Mthatha was a great area where I had some good success (one being Grace!). I'm excited to be out here in East London though....though it will be tough learning the area before Elder Parry leaves me in a couple of weeks.  

Thanks for all the support you guys give me.

I love you all!


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