Monday, October 4, 2010


Hello everyone!!!
I hope that all is well for you!  Man, this past week has been quite the crazy one!
As you know, my first companion, Elder Devenney, went home and that means that someone needed to replace him. Right? Kind of....
So Wednesday morning was the day where the Assistants to the president call everyone and let them know what is going on.  Everyone that morning kept calling me and saying stuff like "did you hear yet?" "oh ok, call me when you do.." EVERYONE it felt like knew the news of my next transfer but me! I hated it!
Finally, around 10 AM, the AP's finally called.  We talked for a minute to see how everyone is doing. (it was on speaker phone so E. Devenney could hear) Then they told me the news.  Blew. My. Mind. I was in complete shock.  I would have never guessed that would happen.....
Ready for the news?
Are you Sure?!!?
I'm no longer in East London...they whitewashed (where both comps leave and new ones come in) my area! I was in shock!
Want to know where I am?
Fine I guess I can tell you...
I'm now serving in Somerset West which is right out of Cape Town.....
Crazy huh? I only got to spend six weeks in my greenie area!
Now who may my companion be you ask?
More like who are my companions.....
I'm now serving in a threesome haha
I'm serving with Elder Davenport (5 months out) from Idaho
and Elder Maseko from Joburg.
Even's Elder Maseko's last transfer...I kill yet again!
So that's what's going on this week...nothing what I expected.
The area is great, the ward is pretty great so far...not as many Dinner apps like my last area, so guess I will have to start cooking my own food!
Yesterday, the missionaries were asked to teach Primary...that was a chaotic mess.  Oh boy, I have new respect for those who do that each week.  We sang songs together and played games and I talked about reverence with them because they would keep still!
Hmm, not much more I can say...the place is really beautiful and I am enjoying so far.  It's starting to get warmer each day but we still get the wind that blows in and makes it chilly.
I'm getting super along with my new companions and I can tell we will have loads of fun together....
I'm having many humbling experiances here as I see that there are people in the world that aren't as fortunate as me...seeing people live a way I never imagined.  I am very thankful for this experience and i know that it is making me grow more each day.  I love all of you back home and truly miss you...I pray for you all each day.
I hope that you keep heads up high and your spirits strong
With all my best,
Elder Naylor

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