Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello Everyone!!! I hope that you are all doing well this week!
It is quite windy here in South Africa and I hope that I can stay on the ground!
So this past week was a pretty good one, nothing huge is happening yet.  This area that I work in still needs some work before there is a steady teaching pool,but I'm working my hardest to spread the message!   This week is considered the "7th week of one transfer and the 1st of the next" so I'm in between transfers you could say.  Elder Devenney leaves me on Thursday morning, I will most likely stay in East London because I know the area.  Tomorrow I will find out who my next companion will be, in which I am a little nervous about because I am confertable with how things are at the moment...but I guess that's mission life, always changing!
So yesterday I got the OK and now I am on probation for driving!  I get to drive one hour during daylight for a month and then I'm able to drive all the time!  Wish me luck! My driving is already  imparred because I haven't drivin in two months and plus it's all going to be oppisite to what I'm used to.  With some practice and time, I will conqure the streets of South Africa....then I'll come home and have to relearn everything.
I'm really excited for the day when I'm an older missionary because I don't like being a "greenie", I feel so young and naive. My time will come when I get to see new missionaries come in and I'll look  at them and laugh because I was once at that stage. 
This past week the Senior couple missionaries,Elder and Sister Jones, had my zone over for a lunch.  Sister Jones made a homemade  chili and it was sooooo good!!! I could have ate it all day long!  Too bad not many people here make chili or other america style food. 
Yesterday for Sacrement, we were expecting like 8 investigators to come to church and I was way excited beecause we haven't had much success with them coming to church (the church is kinda far from our area).  Sadly though, none of the ones we thought would come showed up...we had one girl that has a member friend that came but she doesn't speak english so we can't teach her and another showed up during sunday school, an investigator we hadn't seen in while.  But all the other ones that we really wanted there failed to show up.  I was quite sad. So yesterday after church we went around to them all and "rebuked" them (more like stopped by and visited with them and asked them why they didn't come). 
As I look back at the week, it has been a not so hot week...nothing big has happened, but I'm not going to let that get me down and I'll keep trying my hardest to keep moving the work forward.  There is some great potential in my area and I plan on working off that....
So that's all for the week, hope all is well back home.  Enjoy fall and winter, summer is just beginning here!
Well have a wonderful week and hope to hear from you all in a letter soon!
Love you!
Elder Naylor

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