Monday, September 20, 2010

 2 months already
Well here I am, another Monday in South Africa...time is going by pretty quick here.  This week starts the last week of my first transfer, only 16 more to go!  So I hope that everything is going well back home and that everyone is fine.  This past week has been a pretty good week for me.  The only downside to the week is that Elder Devenney was sick starting Tuesday and still isn't feeling 100%.  Wednesday we stayed inside because he needed his rest, so he slept most of the day and I just did the normal morning routine and I even was able to send some letters off.  So that day was pretty slow and we have been taking it easy the rest of the week as his health comes back.  Thursday was my first Zone Conference (they used to be each transfer but now they are switching to quaterly so instead of having 17 of them during my mission, I will only have like 8).  It went really well and it was nice to see President and Sister Probst.  The Zone Conference was pretty much all day, it got out about 4 in the afternoon. 
So besides that, my week has been uneventful.  We did have two really good Dinner Appointments, one was with the Bishop of the ward and the other was with a member of the Bishopric...The bishop is named Van Heerden and the other was Brother Masetti.  Both are really great people and they made fantastic food.  I ate so much meat at Brother Masetti's home, it was crazy.  I'm really enjoying these Braai's.
I don't think that there is much more to write.  This is the start of Elder Devenney's last full week and it is a little hard because I just barely came from the place that he's going to, but my time will come soon enough.  Hopefully we can work hard this week and get more investigators to teach.  I'm really enjoying my mission and I can't believe that next week will mark my 2 month mark and by the end of this next transfer, I will be reaching the four month mark.
Well, sorry that this is a little short this week.  The pictures this week are of one of Elder Devenney and I by the beach with some masks that a vendor was selling and the other is us in our area just taking pictures.  Today we are going to do some shopping because E. Devenney wants some clothes to take home.  Keep telling everyone to write me because I really do enjoy getting post!
Keep well,
Elder Naylor

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