Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello everyone!
There goes another week in the mission feild...can you believe that this week is my 3rd week of my second transfer? Cra-ZAH-HEY!!!!
Things are going pretty well here, I'm still getting adjusted to the new area...life overall is good.
I am really enjoying being in a threesome and I think I'll have a hard time getting adjusted when I have to go back to just having one. haha
This past week has been a challenging one in the eyes of missionary work, we keep having a lot of appointments dropping and it gets very frustrating!
No big events happened this week like odd eats or awesome adventures, but my faith has been put to test and I am gaining much strength in the Gospel.
This Gospel is True. I know it, I have no doubt. 
God speaks to us just as much as He did in times of old.  I know it, I have no doubt.
We have a living Prophet today, he leads and guides us in these Latter-Days. I know it, I have no doubt.
My Savior loves me, He suffered for me so that I may return to my Loving Heavenly Father. I know it, I have no doubt.
Joseph Smith Jr. was a Prophet of God, he was an instrument in His hands to Restore the fullness of this Gospel. I know it, I have no doubt.
The Book of Mormon is the word of God, I have drawn near to my Heavenly Father by reading it. I know it, I have no doubt.
I know that everytime I pray, my Father in Heaven is listening to me and helping me each day.
I know that these things are true and even though Trials come into my life, I know that My Heavenly Father will never forget me and that he is always there.
I ask all of you who don't know of these things to really ponder and pray about them all.
You will get an answer.  That's all I have to say this week.
Stay strong and put all your trust in Heavenly Father.
I love you all,
Elder Naylor

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