Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Molweni Everyone!
This week has been pretty splendid for me, how about you? Please let me know anyways possible...letters, email, etc.
Not much has really happened during the week, everything is running pretty smooth, Wednesday we had a training session and that took up most
of the day, which was good because I learned more about teaching and being a better missionary.  I was able to see an Elder that was in my
MTC group and we had a nice reunion.  Another cool thing is that I saw something I thought I would never see: new missionaries!
So it's official, I'm not the youngest on mission anymore and that there are people younger than me...not by much but it made me feel good!
The work is is moving, maybe not as fast as I would want but I'm staying strong and trying to do my part...some people just need to realize that
when we make an appointment with you, we expect you to be there! haha it gets frustrating.
Here are some things about me that I've noticed in my life that has changed: I love peanut butter now...I'll even eat it plain right out of the jar, something
I never did back home. I eat bananas all the time now, almost every meal includes them, usually with peanut butter on them or with them. I'm beginning to shave
more frequently than I used to...still not much though haha, I love hymns now and sing them all the time, the egg thing that I talked about last week, I have a new habit
of flicking my pen around my it from Elder Devenney, got my first haircut not at a professional salon (I'm not going to say how it looks...good thing hair can
grow back) and I'm set on learning how to surf when I get off mission.  And that all has happened in three months!
Now, onto the subject of my email: on the right side.  Probably wondering what it means.  I'll tell you ok? Calm down, here it comes:  yesterday we had a very special guest
come to Cape Town, South Africa: Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the quorm of the twelve.  We had a special conference yesterday with the whole stake and he was present.  We made
sure we got there early so we could get good seats and we was such an amazing event! The Presiding Bishop came too, Bishop Burton and they both spoke to us, but not with
prewritten talks...they just bore their testimonies.  Elder Hollands lasted for about 40 minutes...I listened closely the whole time, tears almost coming but I held back. That man is powerful.
Don't worry, My journal received a four page entry about it so I'll never forget!
Now here's the cool part:  After the meeting, Elder Holland requested to meet with the missionaries at the with us!  We got our own privite, little devotional.  I left the sacrament room right
after the meeting so I could get to the room where he wanted to meet us so I could get a good seat.  I was able to get in the front row (it was a small room, enough for at least 50 people) but as the senior couple missionaries came in, we stood so they could have seats, I was worried I would loose my seat! But I only moved over one so all was well.  Then Elder Holland came in, he had to be breif with us so we quickly sang called to
serve and then we prayed..after he said he wanted Bishop Burton to offer a few words before he spoke.  Elder Holland sat down.  Next to me.  Here I am, sitting on the right side of an Apostle of the Lord, I
was going crazy!  I never thought something like that would happen to me!  After Bishop Burton spoke, Elder Holland got up and spoke some words, told us he would hunt us down if we went less active
after our mission and how much his mission ment to him...I wish that I could have recorded it or have a copy of the words but I guess my memory will have to do!  After he spoke, he sat down next to me again
for the closing we were praying next to each other! It was so amazing! I haven't felt the spirit as strong as I did yesterday in a long time!  After the meeting he personally shook each of our hands,
it was such a memorable experiance!
So that was my week, not much but so much!
I love you all, have a good week!
Elder Brian Naylor
P.S. Next week we are watching conference...yep still haven't seen it

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