Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brian tries the food of the land * 

How is everyone? I hope that your day is going well and that all is well.  So this week has gone by pretty quick and there was some pretty good experiance.  So some hightlights are that we had Zone training on wednesday and thursday where President Probst taught us a new way to teach. Something that we are instructed to do now is to invite someone to baptism on the first visit....the first!  It sounds crazy and boy did it scare me!  After the first day of training on wednesday, Elder Devenney and I went out to our area to some appointments.  Pretty much all of them fell through and we weren't able to see anyone. We did have this referral that we kept trying to see but they were never home, but we fianally did get to see them on Wednesday and it was one of the best teaching experiances in my life!  It was a family by the name of Williams, a mom with her three girls, and we started discussing baptism and we asked a lot of questions and finally near the end, Elder Devenney asked them if they would be baptized...I was so scared that they would think we were crazy and that they would say no.  But they said yes! The first visit!  We went back the next day and talked about prayer and at the end gave them a date that they could work towards (October 3) as a family and be baptized. They are really great and I can tell that the Lord prepared them and that they will come to know of the truthfullness of the message we have. It was an amazing teaching experiance and my testimony grew so much.  The mother was able to come to church on sunday and that made me even more happier!  We don't see them again until Wednesday and that's all I think about is going and teaching them again. So that's my wonderful teaching expericance for this week.  We also taught this mother and daughter, but I had a hard time because they have three cats and the whole time I was just sneezing and I said like maybe 6 sentences....haha oh cats! 
So want to know a crazy experiance?  So every friday we go and have dinner at Sister Unathi's house and since I'm new, she deceided to make something for me to try.  I included a picture, so I'm not sure it you have seen it yet or not...hopefull not.  In fact I'll just send this without it and send another with the picture. Read this first.  Ok, so this wonderful lady made something by the name of Smiley...know what that is? Want me to tell you?
Ok I will
It's sheep head.  That's right, the head of a sheep.
And guess what I did?
Ate some! To be more specific, I ate part of the nose!
Haha, I almost threw it up but I wanted to be brave so I ate it.
Sister Unathi was laughing so hard at my face!
I got it on film so when you get my card, you can watch me eat it.
So now I can say that I have ate sheep head...the nose.
Besides that, my week has been normal, Elder Devenney and I are getting along pretty well and I can tell that he is ready to go home,but he is also staying focused and teaching me everything I need  to know to be a good missionary. 
Oh and I miss Longboarding so much! there is so many good spots here and great hills...oh well.  Elder Devenney says that I might be able to find a small board to just have to ride on P-days, so  I'll keep my eyes open.
Well I'm not sure what else to add...everything is just fine(oh we have full hot water at our flat now)
Hope you guys are staying well!
Love you all,
Elder Naylor
So I only have one interesting picture this week, sorry.  It's a good one though!  And yes, I ate the nose!

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