Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hello everyone! How was everyone's week?  My week has been pretty good, nothing too big happened. I had my first exchange last tuesday with Elder Fozard and that went pretty well.  Except for one thing: his area doesn't have a car, so I had to walk all day long!  Besides that, it was a good experiance and I was able to get to know East London a little better.  Tonight I have exchanges with Elder Aires, but this time he comes to my area. Wish me luck as I navigate around the neighborhoods of East London without any help! I'm having a hard time remembering where houses are and how to get to them, I need to learn quickly because once Elder Devenney is gone, I have to show the next guy around....Ahhh!  This past week, Elder Denenney bought a new bag and was walking around like he was the hottest on the planet....we go up to an investigators house and we are talking to him between the gate when his dog jumps halfway through the gate, grabs his new bag and rips it to pieces!  Haha, we got back to the car and I just burst out laughing.  He did glue it back together, but still, it's not the same.  Um, what else....Saturday, we went to a member's house for dinner and boy did I eat well!  He cooked us boar leg, so good. We put apple sauce on it and it tasted just like pork.  They fed us like kings!  Oh! On Friday night, our ward had a talent show and I Guess everytime, the elders do something in it.  Five minutes before they wanted us on stage, we talked about a skit and roughly planned it.  Let's just say we had the crowd laughing their heads off...I really enjoyed it.  I had someone film it on my camera so you guys can try to watch it once you get my card (reason why I say try to is because you can hardly hear it).  I wish that I had more awesome stories this week, but it's been pretty slow.  Still working with the Williams family(mentioned them in last email) and I really have hope for them.  Right now they are having some family issues so I feel good to help them get through hard times.  It's getting warmer everyday, starting to feel like spring in Utah.  The only thing I'm not a fan of is the wind, which always seems to be there. 
I'm doing very well everyone, don't worry about me.  It is kinda scary that in two weeks, I'm getting a new companion.  Elder Devenney and I are working really well together.  It is weird to think that in two weeks, he'll go home and I'll still have 22 months haha...
Everyone: Send post, makes my week when I get a letter. 
Stay well and happy
With love,
Elder Naylor
PS...the pictures are that of Elder Devenney's...I left my camera at the flat, but we take pretty much the same photos...the first one is in front of the church on sunday and the second is with a member family after dinner....nice family, little girl is one and named Serenity and is so darling

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