Monday, November 1, 2010

1320 Times (Only Elder Naylor would know this)

That my friends and family is how many times the second hand goes around my watch in a day. 1320 times, cool huh? Thought that you would want to know that!  Wow, can you believe that another week has gone by already? I can't, just too fast!  Let's see, what can I tell you about this week that is happening in the life of Elder Naylor?

The work is going pretty well, we are going to be working with two individuals this week a lot in preparing them for baptism, I'm pretty stoked!  Someone that I have taught is going to be baptized! Yay for me!  This past weekend I finally was able to watch conference and it was very nice, but made me miss temple square!  My favorite talks were by Elder M. Russel Ballard in the Saturday afternoon session and then President Monson's talk at the end.  But they were all very nice and I enjoyed it all.

So as you know, yesterday was Halloween and this year I got the privilege to be a missionary and instead of going trick and treating, I went house to house spreading the word of our Heavenly was the best halloween in a long time I would say!

I have band-aids on my fingers of my right hand because I'm a dork.  The first one happened when I was putting something in the boot of the car and ended up punching something by accident and cutting my knuckle haha.  The other two are from cheese.  That's right, cheese.  I was grating some cheese on friday and two times I slipped and sliced my knuckles on my thumb...I felt stupid but laughed at myself nonetheless!  I think satan doesn't want my hand to be able to shake people's hands, but I'll show him!!!

To be honest, not much has happened this past week, everything went pretty smooth and no big events.  The companionship is going strong and we are going to be sad when it will change in about a week and a half and we all have to go back to just having one companion (and Elder Maseko gets to go home.)  Hopefully I'll stay in this area another transfer because I'm really liking it and though the work is hard sometimes, I am having a blast here.  

Well, I think that will be all for this week.  My health is fine and my spirits are high.  I love you all and hope to hear from you all very soon!  Please write me and let me know how you guys are doing!

With all my love,

Elder Naylor

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