Monday, November 8, 2010


Dear All,

Here I am, another week.  Things just go by too quick here in South Africa but that's ok because it means that I'm having a good time right?  Well this week has been pretty good, each day brings something new each day.  Real quick, those baptisms didn't happen, they are being pushed to next week, which is ok because they weren't ready yet, hopefully they can be ready by Sunday!  Can you believe that this week marks the 7th week of my 2nd transfer or the 1st week of my 3rd transfer!  I'm pretty stoked to see what next transfer brings and what things will change my life.  

Today it is raining and a tad chilly...which is sad because yesterday was clear skies and beauty!  Oh well, it needs to rain once in a while so we know the joys of the Sun eh?  

A cool experiance that I had this past week:  We went and visited this older lady in the ward.  Her husband has had two strokes and isn't a member and, well, he isn't that nice to her.  She helps him 24/7 and he really doesn't appriciate her.  It makes me sad because she is such a wonderful lady and deserves a greater life.  So we are visiting her and she is telling us her life and it seemed as though she was expecting answers and solutions from us...Im 19, what do I have to offer her?  Something kept telling me to offer her a blessing but I kept ignoring it.  She continued to sit there, sobbing her eyes out, and we are hardly saying anything.  What could we say?  Nothing really.  Give her a blessing I kept hearing.  Finally, I ask if she has ever received one, she says no and then I proceed to offer if I could give one.  She allows.  We place our hands upon her head and I start giving the blessing.  I never understood what people meant when they would say "I wasn't speaking, someone else was." until that moment.  I said things that I could have never thought of, that a 19 year old boy could have said.  I was saying things that I wasn't thinking about, they would just come and I would just say them.  It was one of the most spiritual experiances I have ever had.  I walked out of that house in amazement.  The priesthood is real.

Well, besides that, not much really happened.  I am doing fabulous, little nervous about transfers though!  But I'll get through them!  I love you all, hope you guys are doing well.  Please, please, send more post.  I love letters!

With love,

Elder Naylor

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