Monday, November 29, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty!!!!

Hello all! How did the week go? Sounds like Thanksgiving was a success and that makes me really happy!  My week has been a pretty good one, can't complain too much.  It's seems though that only yesterday I was sitting here emailing, but it's been a week! Time surely goes by too fast on mission!  

I'm glad to report that as of yesterday, I have brought two people into the Lord's fold.  Marlon Soza was confermed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as Patience Msimanga, it made me very happy and proud that I was part of their conversion!  We have a few others that we are really working on, so hopefully I will have more to report on in the coming weeks.  Here's a cool story that happened this past week:

A few weeks ago, we had a guy come up to us at Church named Corneille from the Congo.  He says that he is very interested in our message and wanted us to come to his home.  This isn't the cool part though, we get to his house (either wednesday or thursday) and sit down with him to begin teaching when he goes into his room and comes out with a stack of pictures and a Book of Mormon.  He tells us that his sister was the first Female missionary from Africa to serve and his cousin served also.  He goes on saying that he has known about the church since he was seventeen years old, has read the book of mormon from front to cover, knows it is true and has had all the discussions.  Oh and he's 44 years old.  Due to his job, he has never been around long enough to actually get baptised, but now he is ready.  We went over some things with him to see his understanding and he knows all about the church, it's incredible!  So now we are going to refresh some things and get him baptised!  Now I understand what it means when a seed is planted and it takes many missionaries to get the plant growing!  So that was a really cool experiance.

Here's a funky story:

Saturday night, it was really hot in our flat so we opened some windows to let some cool air in.  Everything seemed fine, even the window above my head was opened, I fell asleep quickly that night.  Then around two in the morning, I was awoken by a thump by my head. Startled, I looked around for the source of the luck.  Thinking that maybe it was just my hand hitting the pillow or something, I turned over to try to fall back asleep.  Seconds later I hear the frying pan in the kitchen start rocking back and forth...what the?  I lay still not knowing the source of this sound.  Finally I slowly get out of bed and peek into the kitchen.  What do I see?  I see two pointy ears on top of our counter, licking from the frying pan.  A cat.  Freakin heck, a cat is in our boarding.  I put two and two together and figure out what had made the thump noise by my head.  Well now what do I do? I go over to Elder Davenport and shake him "Elder Davenport" I whisper, no response..."Elder Davenport!"     "What?!?" he finally wakes up, not too happy with the distubance.  Now that he's awake, what do I tell him? "there's a cat on the counter"  He looks at me like I'm crazy, I have to tell him again.  Finally he comes to and sees it.  WE decide to chase it out the front door, as we close in on it, it runs under our legs, onto my bed and jumps up to the window and disappears into the night.  I climb back into bed and just start has to be the strangest thing that has happened to me on mission.  We now don't open the windows all the way.

So here's the lesson: don't leave windows open when cats are around.

Well that was some highlights for the week.  It has been a pretty good week overall.  It's officially summer here and becomes very hot during the day.  I hope that you all have good week and remember who you are! I love all of you and thank you for my support!

Elder Naylor

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