Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Family and all,
Another week already?  Goes by just too quick!  This week has been one of many adventures and memories, all safely kept in my journal. (don't miss a day with writing, already in my second journal.) 
This past sunday (yesterday), I am pleased to say that i witnessed another soul come unto Christ by entering the waters of baptism.  As I have mentioned him before, his name is Corneille and he is 44 years of age.  Has been investigating the Church since about 17.  Though he has no family in SA, the service was still very nice.  Some ward members stayed to witness this wonderful thing.  I won't go into too much detail, just know that it went well.  After the baptism, we were about to close with a hyhm when another Elder asked him if he would like to bear his testimony.  Let me just say this, it was one of the most heart-filled, simple testimony I have ever heard.  He bore a solem witness about the Book of Mormon and the strength he has drawn from it over the years.  After the closing prayer, everyone there went and shook his hand, leaving Elder Davenport and I last.  When he got to Elder Davenport, he just went right in for a hug....parting, he looked at me and then embraced me.  When he pulled away from me, I saw tears in his eyes.  It was the most emotional, spiritual moment so far of my mission.  He will make a wonderful member of the Church and Generations not only to come, but generations behind him will be truly blessed for what he has done. 
Another story is what happened on Saturday.  I was on exchanges with Elder Musangu, working in his area.  A person that we decided to see was a man by the name of Grahm.  Grahm has been investigating the Church for seven years.  Many missionaries have tried and failed but for some reason, keep going back.  When we got into his house, he asked me how old I was because he said I look like I'm 14.  Haha, 14 really?  As we started the lesson, he asked me to give an opening prayer.  When I said amen, he thanked me for it, said it was strange because I said everything I needed to say...almost like I had talked to Elder Musangu beforehand about Grahm and wrote out a prayer.  There's a little lestimony of how the Spirit directs you on what to say!  We had a very good talk, he's still far from being converted, but closer than he thinks.  I have some hope for him and would love to be there when he is baptized.  As we left, he invited me to come to lunch at his house on the 26th of December along with my companion...we'll see if I'm still here to follow up with that invitation!
One more thing, transfers are this week, a week earlier because President Probst didn't want them to fall upon this time next week I could be somewhere else or with someone new!  As I begin this next transfer, it is also the same transfer of my 6 month mark!  1/4 of the way, crazy eh?  well, I must get going...I love you all and can feel your prayers for me, I hope you feel mine.
Have an amazing week!  Stay strong!
Elder Naylor

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