Monday, December 6, 2010

If I could walk 500 miles, I wouldn't walk anymore!

Dear Family and Friends!

Hello, another week has come and gone!  This week has been a quick one....a lot of things happened.  

We had to take the car in on Thursday morning to get the air conditioning fixed and they gave us a ride back to our boarding so we could do weekly planning...after all that, the other elders came and picked us up so we could go back to the dealership to get the car. Since we were going to be in that area, I went and picked up my shirts from the tailor...I had four shirts tailored.  We did so and then walked to the dealership, but once we were almost there, they called us and said that the car needs to stay until Friday and that we can pick it up the next day.  GREAT, now what do we do? the other elders went to appointments and we are stranded without a car.  So what do we do? We make a smart decision and decide to walk back to our boarding.....a whole 17kms away or in US terms, about 8 Freakin' miles.  I didn't realize how far it was until I was halfway was a long long walk, took about two hours.  About halfway through, my toe started to hurt, but I didn't think about it much.  ONce we got back to the boarding, two bad things happened: I noticed out of those four shirts that I had taiored, only three made it back...I dropped one! Gosh Dangit! (as you Utahns say) haha oh well, just a shirt right?  And the second thing...I took off my shoe and found my toe bloody!  Turns out one of my toenails was a tad too long and was rubbing against my other toe to the point where it cut it!  Haha, so I cleaned my foot up and cut my nails...lesson: cut your toenails! (picture to go along with it is attached)

Another thing, Elder Davenport was sick on tuesday so while he was all sicky in bed, I got to sit and not do much.  It was nice but I prefer to be out in the area doing work, but when rest is needed (and a toilet!) the boarding is the best place for a missionary.

Wednesday was zone conference and Elder Watson of the Seventy was there and gave some wonderful talks, and he had an iPad which I wanted to snatch it and play....soon though I will. 

We are going to have a baptism this Sunday for a man named Corneille from the Congo.  I'm excited for that!

My mission is going great, I'm excited for 2011, the year of full service!  Hope everyone is having a great holiday season, I am....feels like July here right now!  Send me more letters and stuff, I like hearing from you all!

I love you, have a good week!

Elder Naylor

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