Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!! and a Happy New Year.

This is it, this is my last email ever......of 2010.

Then you get 52 emails for 2011 and then 32 for 2012.
Are you willing to endure my writings each week my friends?

I'll tell you one thing, it doesn't feel like Christmas down was more of trying to celebrate Christmas in July.  Where's the cold? The snow?  Not here!  Didn't ever think about going to the beach for Christmas (though I didn't)....I've decided I'm more of a need-the-cold kind of guy....I like my four seasons. (and I'm talking about the hotel as well.) was everyone's Christmas?  Hope it went well, for mine was pretty great.  What a better way to spend the holiday season spreading the word of Christ though not many people wanted to see us. :(  <---that's one sad face!     We did get invited to a family christmas party and I did eat a nice Christmas dinner that filled me.  The relief society gave us Elders a bunch of stuff from chocolate to bar about a fun filled Christmas!!!!

It was nice talking to those I did talk to!  Sounds like you are all doing really well!!!  Made me more determined to serve with all my might so that when I come home, I'll have plenty of stories to tell all of you!  I want to thank everyone that sent me a present, I highly enjoyed getting and opening and other action verbs (ex. Using).

Well there isn't much more to say....but I hope that you all have a wonderful New Year, I hope that you are looking forward to it as much as I am.  2011 will be a great year.  I know it!  Know that you are all in my prayers and that I think of everyone back home oft and I miss you all!!! 

Stay well....and stay staying!!!!!

Love you!!!!

The Elder Naylor

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