Monday, July 9, 2012

The best of me.....

Wow has this week been great!

We have been working as hard as we can to keep the work going here. Things are really starting to turn up for us. On thursday we went down to Grahamstown to do exchanges with the elders down there...that was fun. Grahamstown is such a great little city. We were there thursday night, friday, and then drove back saturday. I didn't sleep well those two nights so I was extremely tired Saturday night. When we got back to east london on saturday we didn't even have three seconds to breath, we had to get right back to work in our area. At one point I found myself hiking along a trail of mud to visit this lady that lives way out yonder in our area that has been coming to church on her own lately. My shoes were and still are covered in mud and this was just after I had washed my trousers. And she wasn't home. When we met up with the other Elders later, one looked at my muddy bottom half and said "Elder Naylor, you are sure dying strong aren't you?" I hope to think I am.

Yesterday At Church was a powerful day. We had a total of 12 investigators at Church! It was wonderful. most of these people that came are mainly because of Baxolele. He is really on fire! He has such a great desire to share this message with people and you can truly see how the gospel is changing his life. During our lesson yesterday with him, he was telling us about his coworker that he has been talking to about the Church and how she is getting interested and I was smiling ear from ear as I listened to the ways he has been going about teaching her. LOVELY!

Days are quick, I'm happy and enjoying things right now. Hope everyone has a great week!


PS the picture is of me in front of the Church of Chris. Whose church is it? Chris's. haha. 3 Nephi 27:8

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