Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He is officially out in the field. Welcome to CAPE TOWN

Mon, August 23, 2010 3:12:48 AM
Hello my wonderful family! So I made it out of the MTC in one piece, I do miss it, it was starting to feel like a home away from home. So my group of Elders left the MTC and headed to Cape Town...such a beautiful city! It was a tad rainy and cold, but that is something I will have to get used to during the winters. The mission is very organized and they know what's going on. President and Sister Probst are very nice and welcoming. Want to know something funny? well not really. So at the Joburg Airport, we were in such a rush that I forgot to say goodbye to my companion Elder Chuzu(he's serving in uganda)! I didn't notice till I got on the plane, I feel so bad. I hope he doesn't think I hate him. I have his email so I might shoot him something. So back to Cape Town. We all stayed at the mission home on Wednesday night, it's a very nice home. We had sloppy joes for lunch and then pizza for dinner. I felt much at home! We also went up top this hill (forget the name) and it looked out over cape town, the ocean and table mountain. IT's a great city! After dinner and a bunch of meetings, we finally were able to know where our first transfer is. I was really scared because I have grown so close to the MTC elders and I didn't want to separate. Ok, you guys ready to hear where the world am I? I was called to go to East London! (on the eastern cape of africa). I'm about 1.5 hour plane ride from cape town. And guess what, I'm right by the ocean! No one from my group is around this area so I'm all alone as a new greeny missionary. And now I bet you're wondering who my companion is....His name is Elder Devenney, he has been out for 23 months(that's right, I kill my first companion) He's from Ogden, Utah and loves to skateboard and is just overall a great guy. He hasn't served in this area yet so we are kinda starting fresh. I'm loving it though! I got my first door slam a couple days ago, it was great! besides that, most of the people are very friendly and accepting. I'm in the East London 3rd ward and the members are amazing, they really are loving and are really nice. Mom, don't worry about me eating, so far we have had a member have us over for dinner everynight I have been here, it's great! The flat we are staying in right now already has two elders in it, elder Fozard and Elder Aires(pronouced irish), they are also in the ward and serve close to us. Hopefully we will have our own place to stay soon because it's really cramped with four boys. I have been out teaching a lot, someone already said that she thinks God sent us to help her (here brother died just a few days before we knocked on her door) hopefully we can keep talking to her. Just so you know, my Pdays are on Monday now, I will email at about 10 AM on mondays ok? That should stay constant my whole mission.(I hope). So this morning I'm eating breakfast with the front door open and looking out at the scenary and what do I see? A family of Monkeys! haha, we got banannas and they got pretty close to us! I have a funny video but I can't send those, but you know what I can send dnow? Pictures! Since I get an hour to email, I'm able to send a few pictures home. I have taken over 150 so I will pick wisely. The weather here is somewhat chilly, spring is just around the corner...the mornings are chill and it gets warm during the day but a wind comes in and makes me really chilly! (you know me, no meat on my bones) Oh and elder devenney and I have a car that we travel with (the others get bikes haha). Today we are going to do some shopping so hopefully I can find some shoes that are like Vans...I'll stay cheap. Oh, I won't use my debit card much because they told us to use the missionary funds as much as we can...every two weeks we get about R650 (not sure how much in US). But I'll still use my card for things like the shoes today ok? Hmm, what else can I say? not much, I am having a great time here and I'm loving the Ward and the people. Stay strong my family, I miss all of you, but not enough to come home yet! haha. And start sending letters to the Mission home, they will forward them to me, it will take a long time though...sorry.
Tell Kinley to stay positive about school and that I love her and wish her luck!

Hope all goes well this week, I love you all! I'm already a month!

Love with all the world,

Elder Naylor

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