Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey everyone, it's Saturday morning here, we don't get a P day on tuesday because we are going to the temple Tuesday so you guys get an email today.  Sorry that none of you could respond, but this gives me more time to tell you things and less time responding haha! So as the subject states, I have no more floss, I am really roughing it now!  I feel like I could go live in the bush with native Africans! So is everything going well at home? I hope it is, I probably won't get computer time until I'm in Cape Town and have a P day. (so expect one next week, not this coming week).  So everything is going well here, I am eating fantasticly well and I am getting along with all the other missionaries. Elder Chuzu and I are becoming good friends, he is a great companion to have.  He's really funny and just says things sometimes that make me laugh so hard!  I can't believe how fast my MTC experiance has gone, in just four days I will be heading out to Cape, I'm so excited! Today at 930 we are going out the the Joburg missionaries to a township and doing some "tracking," so I get to go out and be a missionary! I'm really excited but also nervous.  You guys know how I'm somewhat shy sometimes? Well here you can't be. In just two weeks my shyness has pretty much dissapeared, it's amazing! Last night we had some people come by the MTC and we taught them as companionships, Elder Chuzu and I did a wonderful job and I am speaking with much confidence now!  The second group that I taught had a little African girl by the name of Jessica...guess how old she was? 5 years old! haha she reminded me of Kinley and I think that they would get along.  Send her down and they can play together! haha.  I wish that I had more to say this week, but I don't.  Everything is going well, I am loving it out here.  I don't think I would come home right now if I could, I love being imersed in the Gospel and being able to teach it to people that need it.  Oh, one thing that I'm doing awesome at is thinking of ways to talk to someone when you knock on the door. Anyways that is all for now! I must get off so others can email home!  Love you guys, see you sooner than you think!
With all the Best,
Elder Naylor

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