Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello everyone!  This week will be short and sweet, there isn't much to report on really.
So I am doing quite well, can't believe another week has come and gone, it goes by too quickly!
I think that I have the hang of missionary work, it's my life now and couldn't imagine doing anything else!
One cool thing that happened this week was that we commited a couple to baptism, it was cool because the previous appointment, the wife wasn't too sure about all of it.
She liked us coming over and talking to her and sharing the things we know but she wasn't grasping the "authority" aspect of it all.
So we decided to watch The restoration DVD and when it was over, we talked about it and...bam...she understood and now we are working on getting them ready.
The only thing that will probably slow them down is Church, because they don't have much money, it's not easy for them to just go...I guess we'll have to make them
see the importance of Church.
So that was a cool experiance that i had...
Another thing that you guys might want to know is this:
The post that you send me gets sent to the mission home, which in turn is given to the Zone leaders, which is given to the district leader, which ends up in my hands
The trade off from Zone leader to District leader is far and in between....if it wasn't for a meeting this morning, I probably would only get post twice this whole transfer.
OH, this morning we had an optional meeting with the Mission doctor about strees, so elder davenport and i decided to go...we missed most of it because we got a
bit lost and then got stuck in traffic....but I did hear some nice things and I got some post.
So, if you send me things, it will take a while to get to me.  Today was the first time I recieved post this transfer and the next time I will get it will be in about a week on the 2nd of December and then again
the sucks but I learn to live with it!  At least when I get post, I get a lot more than I would if I got it every week!
Keep sending me stuff...I love it!
I'm doing absolutly fabulous here and time is just going too fast!  Next week I'll be turning four months old on mission..I'm excited!
Once again, sorry that this email is short and simple....know that I love you all still!  OH and no pictures this week because i was a bad person and
didn't take out my camera all week (it's hard to in township because people like shiny, expensive get my point)
Well I hope that you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and make sure you eat lots for me!!!
With much love and care,
The Elder Naylor

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